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silver · In the beginning there was nothing, and then it exploded. · Veteran


USA, Left coast.
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USA, Left coast.
  • Re: Have A Nice (Pagan) Easter Break

  • I Live on Youtube. know how it goes: First, FB - then a little Twitter - and I'm back on Twitter hanging out almost every day and 'follow' everyone who follows me although I'm getting a little tired of that. So now, I'm back to YouTube -- with a vengeance, I'd say.

    I've discovered so many wonderful YT (whatever you want to call them - stations?) - I watch a young couple and their kidlet while they travel in their RV. Very light, family type stuff. So much to see and learn. It can build up hope for dreams, but I know better, having jumped in the Buddha puddle, LoL.

    If I had a better memory, I'd mention some of the YT channels, but suffice to say, many about losing weight (Supersize vs Superskinny - which I've been known to binge-watch), My 600 - Pound Life - easy one to remember, and earlier today, I discovered there are channels called 'Mukbang' - eating - usually one person eating stuff - amazing! The first one I stumbled on's called HungryFatChick - amazing! The second one I tried really hit the spot big time: Quang Tran. The man cat eat - BUT he also cooks - like Everything. So blown away by his talents, oh my. He makes everything from scratch - including pasta - it makes me want to do it but I have physical limitations that keeps me from it, dang! All this, just to say I think you'd be amazed - not to mention entertained by him.

  • Re: WOOT

    Congrats! :awesome:

  • Re: Catalog consciousness

    All my working life, yeah.
    When you live in the larger city type areas, it's just too much stuff to tempt.
    I grew up in a small town, but going to the dime stores (we had 2!) was 'the thing to do' and seemed to be 'where it's happening' in my mind, anyway. Now, my attitude is almost a 180 on that kind of thinking / dreaming.

  • Re: Homemade Buddha scenes & altars

    They're beautiful, @David.