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  • Re: meaning of life

    What is the meaning of life?

    I don't know. =)

    No, seriously, I don't know.

  • Re: Contemplating on the body

    @DhammaDragon said:

    @federica said:
    We do not need to look for miracles.
    We ARE miracles.

    Those of us women who have carried a baby in our wombs are even more in awe of our bodies.

    Feeling a life grow and develop inside us, our bodies adapt accordingly, give birth...
    Simply amazing❤

    Just a biological process, nothing miraculous. Some would say it's eww.

    Let's stop glorifying biological process, whether it's reproduction or digestion or excretion. It's not Buddhist.

  • Re: What is mind?

    Is there a mind at all, or is there only a brain?

    Food for thought.

  • Re: Contemplating on the body

    @karasti said:
    @techie when you grow a baby in your body and birth it and watch it turn into a full-sized human, then you get back to us about how it's not a miracle. Not in a religious sense but a sense of wonder and awe. Just because it is "just biology" doesn't mean it isn't worth of finding joy in. Just like outer space and the expansiveness of it.

    I honestly don't find myself grossed out by any bodily functions. That's not to say that I enjoy cleaning up puke when my kid gets sick, :lol: but I find it interesting to consider that food I ate 10 hours ago still comes up recognizable because it's sat in my stomach so long because the intestinal bug has slowed digestion to a halt. diarrhea? Your body pulls all the moisture it can from all of your tissues in an attempt to flush out the bug. We think we get dehydrated just because we are on the toilet every 5 minutes, but it's the nature of the intestines pulling all the water from our muscles and systems that causes it. It's all fascinating to me, even the gross stuff.

    The Buddhist view is to shun all attachment to the body. The body is subject to pain, disease, old age, and death. Just like all existence.

  • Re: Buddha has Alzheimer's?

    I think it's very important because in other religions, there is always a soul or self (or something other than the physical) to fall back on. In Buddhism, the mind and body are inter-related. One affects the other. So if the body/brain is affected by Alzheimer's, then wouldn't the mind (even an enlightened mind) be affected?

    Then what good is enlightenment if it can disappear once an illness appears? I think it's a valid concern.