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  • Re: A Thoughtless Pursuit

    @Shoshin said:
    I often 'think' about this...

    But "I" don't always get it right....

    can you see the empty space in between the letters, in this case T H I N K
    what we always do is add them together and give it a meaning
    it is alright until we incline towards our bias (pre notions, or perception we have built up around the word already with which make our world)

    what an interesting /dhamma revealed by Buddha and how compassionate He was to tell about it for us to know the nature/dhamma

  • Re: Unbinding

    @lobster said:

    Still bound to dharma? Tsk, tsk ... :p


  • Re: Should the goal of mindfulness be acceptance or transformation?

    @lobster said:

    We must, not maybe, not tomorrow or when we are less busy (or dead) we must develop and cultivate some spare head space, emotional determination and sheer hutzpah to align with light, kind of let go of the impeding ...

    yes, trying to 'let go' is the Right Effort

    let go of what?
    whatever arises (greed or hatred)
    (this is the Cause)

    know what is greed and hatred is the wisdom

    pay attention to the known wisdom is mindfulness
    mindfulness helps to 'let it (cause) be' until it goes it self (let go)

    so there is no Effect because of the Cause
    (avijja nirodho sankhara nirodho)

  • Unbinding

    the end goal in Buddhism is Nibbana/nirvana

    if i am correct, Nibbana is translated into english as liberation/freedom/emptiness/unbinding

    in other words Nibbana = liberation = freedom = emptiness = form = unbinding

    why does 'unbinding' use as a synonym to Nibbana? is it reasonable?

    your 'thoughts'?

    (if this thread gives you a headache just ignore this (Let Go) and let others write their thoughts)


  • Re: schizophrenic

    @shanyin said:
    I have however, become violent at times. I have even expressed the desire to become violent on this forum once. But I have also been on the receiving end of violence from family friends, and the hospital.

    we all do mistakes.
    there is no need to think about them and worry about them now.
    if they come into the mind again, just determind not to make the same mistake here after.> @shanyin said:

    I removed people from my facebook who I used to do drugs with and party with.

    good move

    I am still extremely angry like a bull.

    when you write the above line you were not angry.
    you were trying to express an emotion that you had before.
    see, we are not angry all the time.
    we can increase that 'no angry time' by involving something that we enjoy

    I would like to practice zazen.

    this is good thing to involve

    @shanyin said:
    An'that is just a thought arise in mind'other thing I am trying to do is work on my english speaking skills.

    speaking with people without hesitation that you would make grammer mistake
    is the best way to practice speaking skillIf

    you have any links to lessons on how to speak, read, understand and write english properly

    just google, there are some websites and you can choose one

    @shanyin said:
    I would like to seperate myself from my family.

    you can seperate yourself from anyone or anything by practising 'whenever thought related to someone or something' arise in your mind, be mindful of it and reminds the mind 'that is just a thought arose in 'my' mind, no need to involve in it'

    if you can do the above, you are practising 'Insight meditation' without knowing you are practising insight meditation

    you yourself can see the results after few days

    ***see, there are some grammer mistakes in this post. if you check my earlier posts in this forum you would see that i used to make more grammer mistakes before. i didn't hesitate to participate in discussion just because i can not express myself as a native speaker. no matter how hard i tried i wouldn't be able to express myself as a native because my native language is something else. instead, i am proud of myself that i can express myself to a foreigner using his/her language