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  • Re: Book of Eights: Chapter 1

    i think it is better to take all vada, yana etc., Theravada, Mahayana, Hinayana, Zen etc. into account and practise
    our own practice will tell us what is right and which way we must go
    what we are practising is Buddha's Teaching only
    then there wouldn't be any conflict among any yana or vada

    this is the 'how i come so far' and i can guarantee it helped me

    i don't depend on any vada or yana
    i depend on my practice and i refer tripitaka (three basket- pali cannon) to see what i experience is correct or not
    i do not depend on other' interpretation of theTeaching any more

  • Re: 4NT Revisited.

    this thread is very old, but it is valid for today

    the suffering is two kind:
    mental suffering and bodily suffering
    insight meditation helps to see the difference,
    in other words, practising four frames of reference (mindfulness) help to see the distinction between the two kinds of suffering

    the cause of suffering
    craving is the cause
    in other words dependent origination (patcca samuppada) ia the cause of suffering

    the cessation of suffering
    one must see the impermanent nature of things, suffering nature of things and non-duality nature of things (anicca, dukka, anatta)

    the path leading to the cessation
    Noble Eightfold Path (arya ashtangika magga)

    one starts practising four frames of reference with having a vee bit of faith in Buddha
    one develops Eightfold Path which leads to Noble Eightfold Path
    once one is wise enough to develop NEF one is said to be a Noble One and it says He never enter into woeful states and He achieved the first stage of Noble Ones

    He now knows where He is heading
    one does not need any guide anymore, but one has to continue practising four frames of reference with the knowledge/wisdom one achieved so far
    by doing so one develops one's 37 factors for awakening/wings to awakening/to reach nibbana/unbinding/enlightenment

    at this stage, the most important thing is to know where we/i/you stand
    if i/you/we don't have a vee bit of faith in Buddha/His Teaching/His disciples, the first thing we have to do is have a faith (by now, by the time of your desire to log into this site, read this thread and read this post so far you have a vee bit of faith in Buddha/His Teaching/His disciples, even though i/we/you deny it)
    my/your/our 37 factors for awakening has been developed up to a certain level
    we don't know it because we are ignorant, gullible, innocent little fools who are with closed eyes
    what we have to do is open our eyes and practise four frames of reference
    we will be able to see the Four Noble Truth and can start to living according to the Truth we have seen
    what we see is what we own, it is no one else's asset

    ready to open the eyes and practise the Four frame of reference

    **********'bikkus, develop your mindfulness, there is no other thing that can lead you to get rid of suffering, make haste, do not hesitate'**********

  • Re: Simple (?) Question

    @karasti said:
    Except Buddha told us not to have faith even in his teachings. If none of us can ever prove definitely what happens when we die, then how do we trust it without simply doing so "because he said so." ? He even said "Do not go upon... a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over;" Which to me suggests he doesn't want us to think about imponderables and form a bias about them.

    not to think over the Teaching but test them and see for yourself/ourselves
    if it is true then accept
    if it is not true then reject

    i tested and i see there is Truth in it so i accept it and continue practising (walking) until i reach the destination

  • Re: Supernatural energy/something bigger than what you have alone

    once one sees the outside and the inside is the same one sees what freedom is
    until then it is a guessing game
    that is why we need to have a bit of faith in Buddha's Teaching and test it to see whether the Teaching is correct
    without testing and see for ourselves but talking about what we guess makes it more and more complicated

  • Re: Scary Insight While Meditating

    @Bunks said:
    @upekka. Fyi, Jayson hasn't been around here for ages so I wouldn't expect a response.


    sometimes i wouldn't log in but just go through the topics

    hoping he would do the same, i posted