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  • Re: six elements and its movement

    thanks @pegembara
    you are an asset =)

  • Re: The value of pain?

    @techie said:
    I meditated for about 40 minutes in a full lotus posture - it was hellish, physically. Pain in my back, legs, etc.

    But amazingly enough the mind did not wander because it was 'consumed' by the pain, I guess.

    this is because you are aware of the faculty of the body

    So it got me thinking. Is it possible that meditation postures are aimed at creating pain? You're so overwhelmed with pain that you give up your regular thinking patterns and obsessions. There is only pain, so your mind sort of comes to a standstill. It just doesn't have the opportunity or time to think of anything else.

    these are thought you have by clinging to the awareness of pain

    Does pain serve a higher purpose, then?

    Buddha says there are three kind of bodily feeling: pain, pleasure, neither-pain-nor-pleasure (upekka)
    when you are aware of the pain in the body there is no awareness of the objects around you:form, sound, taste, smell, thought
    so you do not have mental pain and pleasure
    this is the place where our real 'insight_vidarshana_ meditation' starts

    at this moment you take pain is i, my, myself
    that is why you talk about 'your' pain

    just be brave (this means right effort)
    pay attention to 'the pain' (this means right mindfulness)
    and see what is happening to 'the pain'
    before 'the pain' arises there was no pain
    and see what is happening to arisen 'the pain'

    if i explain what would happen when we are brave and pay attention to the bodily pain, that would be another knowledge add to your store of consciousness

    (Hope what i have written is understandable and please do not take this as i am preaching here)

    if you come back with the results you would get after practising with what you have read in this post (not that you have to do accordingly, because once you have read this it is within your store of consciousness, you can not erase it and the cause created by reading this post would bring back the results without your help)
    just practice the way you have been practising

  • Re: I achieved first jhana today

    i read Dhamma books, listened to Dhamma talks given by monks in person and in internet, and participated few meditation retreats and practiced at home

    thought over what i have read and listened and asked questions from forums members (now a days here only but before some other forums too)

    apart from that i have no particular teacher to guide me but i continue meditation

    i practiced first the tranquility meditation like loving-kindness, repulsiveness of the body, in-out breath etc
    whatever the object ( loving-kindness, or repulsiveness, in-out breath) is directive thought
    coming back to it again and again is discursive thought

    when we do this for a while we will be able to stay with that object without going astray
    for hindrances like object of sensual pleasure etc. are suppressed

    achieving jhana is not a big deal if we continue meditation like this
    (remember this type of meditation was there even before Buddha's time)

    Buddhist meditation is vipassana, insight meditaion

  • Re: Being single

    @Tigger by reading Dhamma books, articles, discussing Dhamma, listening to Dhamma and thinking of what we have read, listened and discussed is also conditioning 'ourselves'
    we put positive conditioning over negative conditioning

    yes, it is the beginning of the Path

    we do not remember how long we have been doing this (walking on the path)
    so we never know when will be the destination
    it might be next moment or next year or any future time

    important thing is to walk on the Path with positive conditioning until we know how to stop conditioning, which is called Stream-entry

    then we know exactly what we have to do

  • Re: Mind Chasing Desires

    @karasti said:
    aversion is the flip side of the coin to attachment. Neither are any good.

    when we grab (like) one, we reject (dislike) all other, in one thought moment
    this is happening to us all the time, unless we are mindful with wisdom