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  • Re: No thoughts or awareness of thoughts?

    @Fosdick said:
    I found a method where the headache can be stopped by sitting as in meditation and going to a particular dark and silent place in the core of the mind. I cannot at present put words to the procedure, but one thing I noticed about it was that words and thoughts are completely absent.

    no words there is no thoughts
    no words there is no pain
    no words there is no thinking
    no words there is nothing, no thing

  • Re: Cricket and the path

    @Bunks said:
    I was just dwelling on two of my great passions in life and the similarities between them. The game of cricket and this wonderful path. Bear with me:

    Cricket is slow and requires patience. Ditto the path

    Cricket is like a religion in India.
    Ditto the path

    Cricketers wear whites
    Ditto some lay practitioners on the path

    Cricket is governed by a set of rules.that can be difficult to understand and some find absurd
    Ditto the path

    A cricket game can last a number of days and ends with no results
    Ditto Soto Zen meditation

    A type of cricket has been developed over time that includes lots of colour, bright lights and pizazz.
    Ditto Tibetan Buddhism

    I'm sure there are more!

    Stream Winning is the match fixing

  • Re: Religion, buddhism and ethics

    @lobster said:

    Iz plan!

    don't you think it is time to stop 'Iz plan' but be Here n' Now :p

  • Re: Jhana - the spice your meditation has been missing

    @Tiddlywinds said:
    @Kerome, Here's the Buddha's phone number. Remember to dial the UK prefix first.

    R U sure about this?

    according to the information i have got it is not

    0 1865 791 591


    0 1 865 789 568 1

  • Re: What is craving?

    @Akasha said:
    Is craving suffering?


    Can we end craving or tanha..

    Yes through the Eight Fold Path.

    Seems to be an impossible task to end our thirst for life.

    The way i go about getting rid of craving is by means of substitution.

    For example:

    I use to do cocaine now i drink wine.

    I use to drink wine now i drink soda.

    I use to drink soda now i drink water.

    In my own experience the most effective method of getting rid of an addiction or craving is being addicted to something else.The question is which is the lesser of two evils.

    In other word you won't let go of five sense pleasures,which for most people is the only happiness they know, until you see a greater pleasure (meditative bliss,spiritual practice) and you won't let go of meditative bliss (non-sensual pleasure) until you see an even more greater pleasure,Nibannic bliss.Which is the highest bliss.

    i'm now addict meditation

    aha, what a feeling!