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  • Re: Turning 30

    I laughed at the idea of turning thirty being an issue right up till the day before my thirtieth birthday. Suddenly, it became a big deal. So I got myself a sandwich board, took it to the busiest corner in Fairbanks, Alaska, put it on after I had written on it:

    Hit me; I need the re-birth. Turning thirty tomorrow, time to start over.

    Lots of chuckles from me and drivers. Felt better, went home.

  • Re: Love is a bitch

    Some of my favorite things suck...PM me if you need an address to send me a vacuum cleaner.

    On a more serious note, I often find myself in staunch disagreement with folks who say that you can't love someone you only know online. There are people here on NB that I love - and nothing sucks about that.

  • Re: Is everyone here an atheist?

    @Shoshin said:
    Even the agnostic can't just sit on the fence....they have to choose ...

    Um Agnostic-Theist ? Or Agnostic-Atheist ? ..

    I found that the article simply reinforced my reluctance to choose in order to communicate which I am to someone else. As I said in an earlier post within this thread, there is not a neat and clean definition of God that is easily referenced, and certainly none with any type of universal appeal.

    I certainly reject the Abrahamic God out of hand, and for many, that would make me an atheist. Once we get past any type of anthropomorphic definition, if one attaches the idea of 'Creator' to a god, then it is possible that the Big Bang is the Creator and atheism would then deny physics. The idea of a Universal Consciousness is appealing to me. As I've stated here before, probably ad nauseum, that I live with a sort of miniature model of such within my own psyche based on my DID, and it's lovely to think that my life is a model for existence. However, even if a Universal Consciousness exists, I've seen nothing that would suggest that there is nothing beyond that; nothing to suggest that Universal Consciousness is not a creation of a Creator.

    So, in the event that I've muddied the waters too much in my musings, without a definition of God, I can't tell you (or myself) if I am agnostic or atheist.

  • Re: Eclipse fever!!!