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  • Re: What are your 'wow' moments in Buddhism?

    I think the realization, while doing the dishes maybe twenty-five years ago, that I was truly present a moment before the realization and that the experience cleared up so much theory.

  • Re: Trump

    Despite decades of practice, I find that I have not improved significantly in foretelling the future. What I have learned is that for every hopeless situation I have been in, an exit has appeared. Trump will be no different.

    In fact, it is quite possible that the country will come out of this administration stronger. People who were not interested in politics have awakened. Cities and states have decided to honor the climate accord instead of placing the burden for responsibility on the federal government. Most people, on both sides of the political divide, believe the federal government has too much power...perhaps the people will be motivated to act more locally and put an end to that continuous power grab.

    Get worked up or don't...but I'm going to let the darkness illustrate the light all around. Like this place and you people.


    @Bunks said:
    A young girl I work with came in to the office this morning sporting a black eye.

    She stood in front of a young Muslim girl who was being verbally assaulted by an older woman for what happened in Manchester, and copped a punch in the face for her troubles!

    It's a sad world we live in.

    Yes. It is also a hopeful world we live in that a young girl came in to work sporting a black eye after protecting a stranger that she felt needed protection.

  • Re: You sit on a plane that is about to crash

    A quick story, loosely related... For my daughter's sixteenth birthday, rather than a store bought gift, I wrote her sixteen short stories. Each was one of my sixteen favorite memories of her early childhood. I was her primary (re: only) caregiver, so I had quite a lot to draw from. One of the stories was of her first plane ride when she was a few weeks out of diapers. She was so excited and had requested a window seat to watch the take-off and landing but as we left the ground she began to panic.

    I tried to comfort her but she became quickly beyond comforting. Eventually, her rising fear gave way to a panicked outburst, "Daddy," she managed quite loudly, "the wings aren't flapping!" Everyone but two of us on the plane found that quite amusing. I tried desperately to convince her that everything was all right but on the cartoon she had vividly remembered, the wings were suppose to flap. While she trusted me, this pushed her trust to the limit and she remained tense and frightened for about an hour. And then the worst turbulence I've ever been through struck.

    There was widespread panic throughout the plane. A few intermittent shrieks here and there as well as a plane-load of white knuckles as we were bandied about the sky. Suddenly my daughter, who had mercifully fallen asleep, awoke and exclaimed as loudly and cheerfully as I have ever heard her, "It's okay daddy, the wings are flapping now!"

    One hundred seventy-seven frightened passengers and one relaxed and happy toddler.

  • Re: You sit on a plane that is about to crash

    I made a plan for this exact contingency about 35 years ago. Odd perhaps, because I have no contingency for any other possible deaths, but this one - yeah. Watch out the window and look for the beauty in my final minutes. Enjoy it. Then, a moment before meeting the ground yell, "Wake up!" Laugh. Die.