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  • Re: Trump

    Despite decades of practice, I find that I have not improved significantly in foretelling the future. What I have learned is that for every hopeless situation I have been in, an exit has appeared. Trump will be no different.

    In fact, it is quite possible that the country will come out of this administration stronger. People who were not interested in politics have awakened. Cities and states have decided to honor the climate accord instead of placing the burden for responsibility on the federal government. Most people, on both sides of the political divide, believe the federal government has too much power...perhaps the people will be motivated to act more locally and put an end to that continuous power grab.

    Get worked up or don't...but I'm going to let the darkness illustrate the light all around. Like this place and you people.

  • Re: Trump

    If anyone saw and remembers villainous Biff from Back to the Future 2, you may be interested to know that he was modeled after Donald Trump.

  • Re: Therapy with opposing beliefs

    I have been to about a dozen counselors over the years, though that number is just a knee-jerk guess and I suspect that it would be higher if I actually got serious about counting. I have had a total of one with whom I've had a good relationship; my current therapist.

    We hold vastly different positions on many issues but we do agree on one very important thing and that is that relationship trumps modality in treatment. The better the relationship, the more we are able to see, respect and honor each others positions. It's kind of like Republican President George Bush who was firmly against LGBT rights, right up till his daughter came out of the closet and suddenly his heart opened. If your heart opens in therapy, good things happen.

    My therapist is very, very Christian. I, obviously, am not. It doesn't impact the therapy because of the relationship. She loves me because she takes the best of her Christianity and applies it to her profession - that part about loving others. Most therapists that I have had our differences would have been magnified because of the lack of relationship. So, is it a factor in yours? Who can say - but if you are able to progress in your treatment in spite of your fears, who cares?


    @Bunks said:
    A young girl I work with came in to the office this morning sporting a black eye.

    She stood in front of a young Muslim girl who was being verbally assaulted by an older woman for what happened in Manchester, and copped a punch in the face for her troubles!

    It's a sad world we live in.

    Yes. It is also a hopeful world we live in that a young girl came in to work sporting a black eye after protecting a stranger that she felt needed protection.

  • Re: Mental Health and Emotions.

    @Wheel - Hello, not sure we've met before, good to have you here. I have PTSD and DID. I've done quite a lot of work, taking help from whatever modality was helpful. Buddhism however, played a starring role. For me, help comes from knowledge. Understanding something - or thinking I understand it too I suppose, brings me comfort and peace. So first I read everything I could get a hold of on Buddhism. Knowledge and understanding was available through meditation too but that took a little bit longer to get into.

    Simple breath meditation is my go to.

    I agree with another poster who said that it is unlikely your meditation is amplifying your anxiety but that it may feel that way because you are more aware of it. However, only you can know for sure - I find for me what works best is to examine the sensation carefully and then trust what I see - even if everyone else disagrees.

    You asked, "Whilst meditating should I be trying to identify and resolve these triggers or should I continue concentrating on emptiness of the mind?" I would not be able to answer and don't believe anyone else should be able to either. That said, what was right for me was just relaxing the mind and things had a way of getting clearer. Exerting effort to resolve things like this just seem to be counter productive in my experience.