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  • Re: Turning 30

    I laughed at the idea of turning thirty being an issue right up till the day before my thirtieth birthday. Suddenly, it became a big deal. So I got myself a sandwich board, took it to the busiest corner in Fairbanks, Alaska, put it on after I had written on it:

    Hit me; I need the re-birth. Turning thirty tomorrow, time to start over.

    Lots of chuckles from me and drivers. Felt better, went home.

  • Re: Turning 30

    @Kerome said:
    Ahh 30... I remember being that young!

    I don't - too long ago. :)

  • Re: Bodhi of Christ

    I found reconciliation with Christianity through the line: Christ is the Truth, the ....

    I'm good with seeking truth, in which case, according to the above line, I'm seeking Christ. I found a truth that is more easily digestible in Buddhism, hence I'm Buddhist...and maybe Christian too. I don't know, don't much care at this point either but I've explained it like this to those who care about such things as my eternal 'soul': I have never called myself a Christian, I've never had anyone mistake me for a Christian, but I think Christ might call me one.

  • Re: Is everyone here an atheist?

    @SpinyNorman said:
    What I struggle to understand is why people with some kind of God belief choose to explore Buddhism, which is essentially a non-theist tradition. Wouldn't Hinduism be a more obvious choice?

    I think it is because any other theistic tradition is seen as unfaithful, like a cheating spouse, while embracing Buddhism is more like having a platonic friendship.

  • Re: Is everyone here an atheist?

    @Mingle said:
    I am, whether there is a god or isn't I can't possibly know. You could call that agnostic but would that make me agnostic towards fairies and unicorns too?

    No. Fairies and unicorns definitely exist. Damn heretics... o:)