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zenguitar · Bad Buddhist · Veteran


New England
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New England
  • Re: favorite Buddhist quote?

    "Treat every moment as your last. It is not preparation for something else."

    "You are all perfect the way you are...and you can use a little improvement. "

    "Each one of us must make his own true way, and when we do, that way will express the universal way."

    --Shunryu Suzuki

  • Re: I found this Batchelor quote interesting

    Re: OP, I certainly don't think the Buddha ever claimed to know anything about God or the various mysteries of the universe, but I think he was certainly a mystic in the sense that @victorious describes above. And his quest was certainly religious and spiritual, not (merely) philosophical. Remember that he left home after seeing the sick man, old man, dead body, and a religious mendicant, and then he sought to live like a religious mendicant, engaging in some rather extreme austerities (i.e. spiritual practices) at first. Then of course he abandoned that and subsequently attained deep insight into reality during a famous marathon meditation session. This method of achieving direct insight into reality is very different and much more mystical than the logical hairsplitting and academic argumentation that you find in, say, Socrates or Aristotle. It's also quite different from the methods used in modern science to gather measurable empirical data. Which leads me to believe that the Buddha really was a religious/spiritual figure from the beginning, rather than the non-mystical secular philosopher that Batchelor seems to think he was.

  • Re: "Somewhere else" mobile phone project

    Anyway, regardless of the AI implications, I am guilty of this myself. I consciously have to stop myself from pulling out my phone when I am the least bit bored while walking about. Why can't I just enjoy the scenery? Or I might find that I use the phone as a way to avoid talking to a live person next to me. Of course, they may be doing the same thing..

  • Re: Quit your job if you work with Buddhists!

    Maybe the person who complained initially is so ignorant about religion outside of their childhood faith that they assume anyone with a vaguely New Age approach to life is a "Buddhist." So, all the people at work talking about yoga, herbs, natural healing, stress relief, their astrological forecast, etc are "Buddhists" from the standpoint of this poor overwhelmed person. It's tough being ignorant.