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TalismanTalisman Veteran Veteran
edited September 2011 in
Are you able to post anonymously?


  • taiyakitaiyaki Veteran Veteran
    Lol i don't think so. People would troll hard.
  • JasonJason God Emperor Arrakis Moderator
    What @taiyaki said. Plus, this place is meant to be an online community, and having a bunch of people post anonymously defeats that purpose.
  • vinlynvinlyn Veteran Colorado...for now Veteran
    Gee, we're already essentially anonymous here. Unless your name is really Talisman. We don't know where you're from or how old you are, or whether you are male or female, or your race.
  • TalismanTalisman Veteran Veteran
    It's hard to explain. Nevermind. :p
  • zidanguszidangus Veteran Veteran
    Do you mean write a post without it being revealed by google or another search engine ? You can use members only threads.
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