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Third eye awakening experience in meditation

misecmisc1misecmisc1 I am a HinduIndia Veteran
edited December 2011 in Meditation
Hi All,

Has anyone been able to awake his/her third eye during his/her meditation? If yes, then please share your experience here. But please answer as you experienced, rather than using your imagination. Thanks in advance.


  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    what third eye....?

    Jeesh.... just sit!
  • auraaura Veteran Veteran
    When your meditation process becomes 24/7, the third eye gradually opens over time, as much as you can handle it. How much you can handle it is a very individual thing. It is a gradual process of increasing awareness, not an instant revelation, and you won't always like what you see.
  • ajnast4rajnast4r Veteran Veteran
    i agree with what @aura said. it also is not labeled as such in most Buddhists traditions so you wont find much about the '3rd eye'.

    why are you asking?
  • seeker242seeker242 Zen Florida, USA Veteran
    I experienced breathing in and out. :)
  • taiyakitaiyaki Veteran Veteran
    You won't get most Buddhists to talk about chakras and kundalini.

    But here is something I'd like to share with you. When you build enough concentration you start to notice various winds or subtle energies in the body. such energies accumulate in specific locations, hence there are various systems and maps that give descriptions of where chakras are located.

    Chakras are literally the movement of the tao. In Buddhism it is personified impermanance.

    With the open of the third eye comes the seeing of various other chakras. Now some people can actually see the aura of chakras. Personally I feel them as movements of energy. The third eye feels like there is a heavy presence on the forehead. With time this sensation covers the whole head (crown).

    One way you can develop your third eye so that it awakens is to breathe inwards and bring your awareness to the middle of the forehead. Then as you breathe out, you do the same thing. The pressure and presence will build and build until one day it "pops". From personal experience it is better to gradually go into this by also breathing into your heart chakra. This gives a nice balance of head and heart.

    If you want to learn more about this stuff I'd go see a kunadalini yoga instructor or a qigong master. Tibetan Buddhism touches aspects of the subtle body as well, but you're better off finding techniques, information and experienced teachers in traditions that deal primarily with chakras.

    Hope this helps.
  • ajnast4rajnast4r Veteran Veteran
    that is a really beautiful and skillful explanation. _/|\_
  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran Veteran
    edited December 2011
    It's important to develope the other chakras before awakening the third eye. In my experience I had an insight to 'people' at a non-intellectual rather direct level. The insight was that they were not what I imagined them to be as somehow puzzle pieces to my life or cartoon characters. And a non-verbal experience with a huge surge of energy. My response was to start saying words: sock rock bell hop for about 5 minutes I just said words. Following that time I had a lot of symptoms of a third eye awakening such as the energy in the head, the attraction of coincidences. Unfortunately I also developed the symptoms of bipolar disorder of delusions and concretized thinking. For example (I was thinking of how to explain this) I look at the mantle above the fire and the thought occurs to me that some figurines on the mantle are me and my brother. Now most people might have such idle thoughts. But when I am ill such are very concretized and I feel angry or snubbed because of the properties I imagine as relational to me and my brother. For example one is bigger or whatever. And it can get more elaborate say 'red' a thought occurs to me that red means passion. I concretize that and then there is more of a story to the two toys. As a result I might feel persecuted by God, the devil, or usually for me I think that someone put them there to make me mad particularly I might think that everyone has psychic powers.

    My lama concurred that the source of the problem was attachment to thoughts which I understand as concretization.

    In short it can be dangerous to awaken the third eye. From my readings mood disorders and schizophrenia (I may have that it is hard to say) can be dangerous. Would you go rock climbing on mount everest without talking to someone who knew about climbing? If you were not in good shape would you try to do it by yourself.

    Regarding subtle energies I have found that one does not want to blow their experience of energies out of proportion, its just an experience, no big deal. Also the mind wants to weave theories, but buddhist practice is direct experience on the dot. 'feeling in my body'....'energy in my forehead'...'thought of x'.... I am saying that only direct experience is liberating. You can read 20 books on chakras and get nothing, when what you need is direct experience.

  • misecmisc1misecmisc1 I am a Hindu India Veteran
    @taiyaki: Thanks for your reply.

    @ajnast4r: i am asking about third eye because i have read somewhere that third eye and astral travel are the higher senses needed for self-realization.
  • misecmisc1misecmisc1 I am a Hindu India Veteran
    @jeffery: thanks for your reply.
  • misecmisc1misecmisc1 I am a Hindu India Veteran
    Hi All,

    Based on your replies, some questions have arisen in my mind:
    1. Is third eye awakened in stages, or , at a certain moment it pops out completely?
    2. After awakening of third eye, can we live in current world normally as we are living without third eye , or , after it we will start living in an illusionary world(created by our mind) around us?
    3. After awakening of third eye, is the feeling of something heavy in forehead constantly remains through out the day, or , it is only felt during meditation only?
    4. I wish to awaken my third eye, but the way, my meditation is going it seems my concentration is never going to happen sadly, and so awakening of third eye is also not going to happen. So some suggestions in this regard - currently i am doing meditation on natural breathing - so any changes needed in it for third eye awakening? Unfortunately, in my case seeking of a kundalini instructor is not feasible.

    Please suggest.
  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran Veteran
    edited December 2011
    The third eye is merely a label of direct phenomena. It has no existence it is only a lable applied to phenomena.

    Do you want to be free from suffering or do you want a feeling in your head that you can call third eye?
  • taiyakitaiyaki Veteran Veteran
    People will grasp at anything be it consciousness or the formless realms of energy.

    The third eye can awaken for those who practice concentration and specific mantras, visualizations that are geared towards awakening the third eye. In my humble opinion it is the witnessing stage of most people. This is the true first taste of spirituality, where one realizes that non dual awareness is untouched by all phenomena. This leads to a great freedom but the practitioner will reify and objectify this non dual awareness into a pure subject that inherently exists and call it infinite consciousness or the eternal witness.

    I am connecting the third eye with the "I AM" experience. It is a great realization, but it only marks the beginning.

    In Zen we call it finding the ox. You still have to tame and then learn how the ox operates. And eventually the ox is forgotten.

    So I wouldn't place too much emphasis on finding the third eye or opening it. If it happens it happens. Your focus should always be on wisdom and compassion. Everything else is a natural byproduct of good practice, thought it isn't guaranteed.

    Insight and wisdom are what free you. Compassion is the function of such freedom. Everything else becomes a skillful tool to help sentient beings.

    Those who only develop the third eye can become detached from the world.
    Those who only develop the heart can become too immersed into the world.

    Those who develop both the third eye and heart (metaphorically) lay the ground for further transformation. Everything is a means to wisdom.
  • misecmisc1misecmisc1 I am a Hindu India Veteran
    @taiyaki: Thanks for your reply.

    Hi All,
    I am now leaving this idea of activating third eye. If it happens naturally, then it is ok, but i will not force it to happen.

    As moreover at the end, we have to leave everything whether it is good or bad or even highly spiritual aspects of being in samadhi etc, so there seems no point of trying to open third eye even, as at a later stage we will have to get us free from it also, so why to bother about a thing which we have to finally leave.

    As Buddha has said - when we are not caught in any thing, we are automatically free and Nirvana is achieved.

    Even Yoga scriptures also say - when there is no though pattern in mind, then self can be realized and so for realizing self, we will have to leave everything and so after samadhi state has been achieved (in which the observer observing the observed merges into the object itself), then even the object of meditation also is then left to realize the self as it really is.
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