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didnt know

i was watching a lesson from a zen master on u tube sorry cant remember his name
he was talking about how free Buddhism is he talked about how he had allot of christians
living at his temple i didnt realize this was done is it possible to mix Buddha and Jesus together
in harmony


  • vinlynvinlyn Colorado...for now Veteran
    Some of us do, but to some extent it depends on whether you see Buddhism as a religion or a philosophy.
  • cozcoz Explorer
    well i concidder the enlightenment of the teachings of the buddha to be a life philosophy
    my christian backround is what led me to seek more and the dharma seems to answer
    my questions faster than i can ask them
    thank you so much for your in put
    peace and joy
  • There is a sangha not far from where I live up in the hills a little. I have been there twice and the first time I went I asked if I could live with them for a few days, I was your typical westerner and they said sure, as long as you wake up when we do and sit whilst we meditate in the morning, then the rest of the day do whatever you wish. They had lay Thais with them, people in robes, male and female. I think a lot of sanghas do adopt the whole notion of letting someone in if they have room, whoever it may be.
  • cozcoz Explorer
    thank you Tom
    iv been a Buddhist now for about 7 months and every day it just keeps getting better
  • There's a part of the Jewel Ornament of Liberation that says not to take refuge in Gods (brahma). The reason isn't because an angry Buddha doesn't tolerate this, rather it is because refuge in a God is not reliable to succeed to nirvana.

    However, Lama Surya Das said that westerners can connect with Jesus or others as they might have a lot of inspiration for that. So when you wish metta you might think of Jesus.

    As an aside Living Buddha Living Christ is a book by Thich Nhat Hanh that deals with the topic of your interest.
  • cozcoz Explorer
    thank you Jeffry
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