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Binaural Beats - For Sleep, Relaxation, etc.

Have any of you listened to binaural beats? I've been listening to one in particular for I guess two weeks now. I tried a couple of others but they weren't as relaxing. I mainly use these to try and fall asleep and mid-day relaxation/meditation while lying down.

I heard about them last month on an episode of the Dr. Oz Show. The guest speaker and author of Proof Of Heaven Dr. Jeffrey Long had a near-death experience and said that binaural beats are for "enhancing meditation" and "getting into states of consciousness where we are freed." I think those who've been doing meditation for years could have an out of body experience is what he's suggesting. However, that is not important to me right now. I'm using it for relaxation, meditation and falling asleep.

I did try an ambient mp3 since finding out about this and there just is no effect. There is something to these binaural beats I believe. There is a science behind it, but it's considered pseudo-science at the moment. It relates to our brain waves. I can't quite fall asleep with it yet, though. That's probably because I'm a side sleeper. So I lie there on my back. I can feel myself falling into a sleep, but then suddenly taken out. I even feel the hypnic jerks (muscle twitching before sleep). So it definitely is relaxing the entire body. That and the meditative breathing and focus. I just wish I could fall asleep. There is something called "Sleep Phones" that is designed for side sleepers that I may get.

Would like to hear your experiences with this if anyone has them.


  • I'm not sure, but I think one of the pioneers of NDE research, maybe it was Raymond Moody, developed something like a fully-enclosed capsule with binaural beats piped in, for provoking NDE's in people. He wrote a book about his NDE's using that environment.
  • I sometimes use natural sounds such (especially an album called Nature's white noise) to help me relax, it produces a light trance-like effect in me. Especially the sound of rain works well. If necessary I also put in on during the meditation to drown the noise of my neighbor' s tv :)
  • I've seen these (basically youtube) and listened to a couple. It did seem like there was something to them, but I wasn't sure if it was actually effective or if it was more just power of suggestion. Interesting for sure though.
  • I listened to some sessions. Only one of them spoke to me, and that only a little. After a week or so I decided there wasn't anything for me in it...
    If you can find it, try Wäldchengarten - an ambient-noise band. That can take me away. It was quite difficult to find even the slightest information on them last time I tried, but maybe there's something on youtube now.
    I found them in the cd-store and since I like to collect weird music I bought the album right away. It's called Electrical Bonding.. They made other albums too I think
  • BeejBeej Human Being Veteran
    edited December 2012
    when i meditate, i focus on the breath. occasionaly, i listen to various different types of stuff, but i dont really consider it to be the meditaion that is helping you to observe your thoughts. listening to binaural beats may do something for you, but in the long run you are more likely to yield a benefit if you use the tradtional method of meditation. binaural beats might be considered a quick fix for a problem, like a pill might do so in the medicinal world, but nothing can top a pro-active approach to health and well being like eating right and exercising. so is the same for meditation. there arent really any shortcuts to happiness that i have found to be lasting... and i have tried many of them. you and your breath will reveal more than anything constructed in a lab, in my opinion. and also, remember that everyone's chemistry is different, which is also why some medicinal pills just dont work for some, or are even detrimental to some. binaural beats might also be detrimental, especially if they are over used,or misused. its extremely unlikely that you can misuse your breath. :)
  • I have tried binaural beats quite a lot. I find the Schumann resonance the most relaxing. They do have a mild effect but I find tapes of natural sound or ambient music far more relaxing . . . There is probably an app for your computer, phone or tablet, if you wish to try.
    Trance induction techniques are available in Buddhism but I would look at hypnosis if wishing to use this tool . . . can be useful . . . Meditation is far more effective and relaxing . . .
  • RebeccaSRebeccaS Veteran
    edited December 2012
    I've never tried it. I heard it gets you high and that freaks me out :lol:

    I do use a white noise thing to help me sleep sometimes though.

    It doesn't help much.
  • I knew someone who said they cured, to a certain extent, her mental illness, but that they cost a lot of money. Are they still charging a lot?
  • Jeffery you are talking about mind machines that use flashing lights in glasses as well as sounds. They are expensive. I tried one, not worth it.
    Go to youtube and download a binaural and play through headphones if you want to try.
  • Yes just posted this elsewhere before I noticed this thread so apologies for that.

    I am just listening to some Brainwave Entrainment modified buddhist throat singing/chanting.

    Seems relaxing but its freaking my cats
  • How do you get the headphones on the cats?
  • lobster said:

    How do you get the headphones on the cats?

    Lol when I first downloaded the mp3 it autoplayed, my cats where like WTF?? :P
  • edited December 2012
    If anyone is interested, here is the Dr. Oz Show episode I first heard about Binaural Beats: Dr. Alexander - Binaural Beats.

    I didn't have any luck last night. They seem hit or miss. Some nights they help a lot, and not so much others. I agree with others that you need to learn to meditate. I've been listening to Jon Kabat-Zinn books lately. I'm listening to Full Catastrophe Living at the moment. I'm being mindful as much as I can remember. You easily slip into thinking thoughts.
  • edited December 2012
    Anyone else care to share their experiences? Today I was reminded back to this thread after I got an email from Sacred Acoustics saying they've added some new beats to their store. I actually got the "Om" one for free in the link I posted earlier. The website is in case anyone is interested. Honestly, that "Om" one is the best I've listened to yet. Everything else seems to pale in comparison.
  • I used to listen to different binaural beats regularly a few years back... there are a lot of good ones free on youtube. I think the trick is to make sure you use headphones when listening to them.
  • I have tried a binaural beat recording, that I got on Amazon entitled 4 hours sleep in 40 min. The background music is not to everyone's liking; however, on nights, when I have only a few hours available to sleep, I find I wake up more refreshed, when I fall asleep listening to it, than without it; also, did not feel good when I listened to a binaural, with 3Htz or delta waves, which are supposed to be sleep waves!
    This is bad for me, as it now encourages me to stay up longer,than I should :(
    I should say that natural sleep is definitely more refreshing.

    I learnt Vipassana the hard way, i.e. going to the 10 day Meditation bootcamp, ala SN Goenkaji, and have gone to a couple more, and I did well, so could not accept listening to Binaural beats, while meditating. Recently, however, having neglected regular meditation, I tried the 1 hr sitting with a binaural (you can get any number of these, by paying too much, online!) ( Hint:Google).
    I found I was able to go deep with it, while on the next occasion, when I tried without it, it was a distracted sitting. Now, one instance, is certainly not a scientific study;
    I guess, it may help in your concentration, or going deeper, if indeed it does entrain your brainwaves to lower levels. However, I agree the best meditation is when you have no aids; if you use binaurals initially, as it helps you, you should aim to go off them, once you achieve some mastery over your mind.

    If you want to know more, go to the community page at Of course, you are more likely to find positive comments, as generally they are the "Users."
  • I learnt Vipassana on chanting and breathing coordinatively and simultaneously, and also exploring sutra and dharma talks in a hard way, intensively for one-two consecutive years, daily engaging myself for 8-12 hours. I found very enlightening and is in accordance with the 25 ways impressed by each Bodhisavattas to a practitioner visiting them revealing their very own way of achieving bodhi.
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