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Am I slow?

Somewhere on the internet, there is a wonderful page on living our life and doing our actions at a slower pace. Less is more. Maybe I will find that page soon . . . or next week . . . what is the hurry . . .

Slow down. You will get more done.

I remember living in a monastic setting, Buddhists saying, 'I am so busy'. They stood quietly thinking of the few things they had to do, walking slowly to their hectic stillness. Still busy but happier . . .

How are you taking the slower route?


  • I smoke a pipe. A beautiful mind experience that reminds me of being in elementary school and daydreaming during the lessons.
  • howhow Veteran Veteran
    Fast & slow can be quite similar when one is present and open. It is interesting to examine what IS actually fast or slow.
    Within a meditative practise these movements are just the passage of endless nano moments whereas outside of meditation they can garner a distinctly different effecting enertia.
    My personal choice is also leaving some daily space for nothing at all.
  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran
    edited December 2012
    The day I have nothing to do is the day I am dead.

    Laziness is starting to get too good of a reputation,
    taking a day of rest and doing nothing is not
    getting enough of a good reputation.

    What do I know?
    It just annoys women to see
    men doing nothing. lololololol
  • Vastminds said:

    What do I know?
    It just annoys women to see
    men doing nothing. lololololol

    I better not introduce you to my husband on his day off then xx

  • I've been out of work for almost six months now... and I'm staying with my parents. I can attest that if they didn't drive me crazy I'd be more than happy to be able to just slowly go about my day reading sutras, and studying to my heart's content. I dread the day I have to jump back into the rat-race that's for sure. :)
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