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please help

edited January 2013 in
This site looks really interesting, but I am in need of help
as to how one keeps an eye out for threads one has contributed to, when this site does not offer email notification when others have responded to ones threads.
Apologies in advance if this has been posted in the incorect place.



  • That was kind of you to help me.
  • Wonderful......thank you so much
  • Aha. Very useful. Thanks.
  • NirvanaNirvana aka BUBBA   `     `   South Carolina, USA Veteran
    I cannot figure out what the box to the right of the star in the first post of a thread (the star that you highlight yellow to bookmark the thread) is for. If you click on it a black check mark appears, but what does it do or mean?
  • BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
    @Nirvana it's a box for moderators to select posts for bulk action (moving, deleting, etc.). Not sure why it's showing up for you, probably just a minor style bug. I'll let @lincoln know :)
  • NirvanaNirvana aka BUBBA   `     `   South Carolina, USA Veteran
    Thanks, Brian. ( @Brian )
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