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Sangha Shout-out!!

VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran

What Temple/Monastery/Meditation group/Sangha do you attend? IRL...and/or online.

It comes up here sometimes in casual conversation...but I realized we dont have a thread. It could help those that are looking for local groups and maybe a reminder to us who have been here awhile who is affiliated with who...

NB is my group online....IRL I attend a TNH Monastery, Magnolia Grove, in South, US :

Shout out to Brother Rick :smile: ...and all the Sisters!!!!

My local Temple is :

Shout out to my Temple Brothers....Hi Cedric!!...stop lurking, and c'mon out....hahahaha



  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
    edited March 2015

    I am a long distance member of the awakened heart sangha.

  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    NB and are my online sangha's.

    My local temple (about 1 1/2 hours from Melbourne for anyone who lives there) is

  • Rowan1980Rowan1980 Keeper of the Zoo Asheville, NC Veteran is where I've been attending pujas and teachings. (I FINALLY formally took refuge vows there this past Sunday! :awesome: )

    I'm also a huge fan of, and I watch the Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner YouTube videos put on by Sravasti Abbey on a regular basis.
  • EarthninjaEarthninja Wanderer West Australia Veteran
    I attend a yearly retreat that is a S.N Goenka tradition. It's called Dhamapadipa.

    I've also recently found a Tibetan Buddhist group open up in my home town!
    I just emailed them regarding attending their weekly meditations.

    I'm going to go give it a shot, atleast to be around like minded people will great. Bit sceptical about the Tibetan tradition but hey I only know what I've read so I better go see what it's all about!
  • JasonJason God Emperor Arrakis Moderator

    I've been part of the Portland Friends of the Dhamma group off and on since late 2008, although my attendance has been spotty as of late. I also spend a lot of time at St. Philip, a Catholic church that's become a sangha of sorts for me, as well.

  • ShakShak Veteran

    @Rowan1980, small world. I've been going to the Tuesday evening classes at Tashi Gatsel Ling.

  • KundoKundo Sydney, Australia Veteran

    Here is my online sangha. When I get the chance I attend the Tibetan Society in Sydney -

    I've also attended the Vajrayana Society which is literally four streets away (four longish streets :P ) -

    _ /\ _

  • Rowan1980Rowan1980 Keeper of the Zoo Asheville, NC Veteran
    @Shak -Holy cow, it IS a small world! I haven't been able to attend the Tuesday night classes because of transportation and work, but I attend the Medicine Buddha puja ceremonies most of the time. :smile: (I'm the super duper socially awkward chick in a red sweater who is always checking out the books.)
  • DairyLamaDairyLama Veteran Veteran

    It's really nice that there are all these Buddhist centres in various parts of the world!

  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator

    This is really the only online Buddhist place that I participate in. I was recently given a recommendation for a vajrayana-based site that I will check out once the stomach bug has left our house, lol.
    My real life sangha is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

    My teacher is a Vajrayana teacher, but only for those who wish to study it. Our group is full of people from all levels, some already in vajarayana and some who aren't even Buddhists. His focus is helping people learn how to meditate and how to generate bodhicitta. Everyone is welcome and people can take part in what they are comfortable with.
    The Minneapolis Sangha also operates out of a few small "satellite" offices in northern Minnesota-Duluth, Hibbing and Ely with those centers having local leaders who run the groups based on suggestions from the teacher in Minneapolis. Our meetings mostly center on group meditation and discussion. Sometimes we do readings and discuss them, but mostly right now we are focused on bringing the Dharma into our daily lives and the questions/struggles we have in doing so. Our teacher comes to each center a couple times a year to do retreats as well as doing retreats and weekly teachings in Minneapolis. From June to December other teachers take over (some visiting monks/teachers, others are senior students) while Khenpo is in Asia.

  • BuddhadragonBuddhadragon Ehipassiko & Carpe Diem Samsara Veteran

    I'm a rather ecumenical Buddhist, but as of several months, I have been attending a Dzogchen sangha, Shenpen Suisse:

  • ShakShak Veteran
    @Rowan1980, I'm sure we'll bump into each other there eventually. I'm really hoping to be there tonight. My attendance has been rather spotty lately. I really want to hear Khen Rinpoche teaching before he leaves town.
  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran

    @DhammaDragon ...... ecumenical. Vocab word for today. I had to look it up. :grin:

  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited March 2015

    What Temple/Monastery/Meditation group/Sangha do you attend?

    Of course we had it tough. We used to dream of attending . . .

    I pop in here and there if I am passing through. B)

  • DairyLamaDairyLama Veteran Veteran

    You had dreams?! Sheer luxury. ;)

  • BuddhadragonBuddhadragon Ehipassiko & Carpe Diem Samsara Veteran

    @Vastmind said:
    DhammaDragon ...... ecumenical. Vocab word for today. I had to look it up. :grin:

    Oh, yes! I have this obnoxious habit of sending people running for dictionaries, probably because I read so many antique books that I sound and write like a Victorian dinosaur :)

  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran

    @DhammaDragon said:
    Oh, yes! I have this obnoxious habit of sending people running for dictionaries, probably because I read so many antique books that I sound and write like a Victorian dinosaur :)

    Hey...don't stop! Universities charge high dollars for this kind of education...hahahaha...I love learning new words...bring 'em on!

  • racerskaracerska Indiana, USA Explorer

    As usual, I'm late to the discussion... My local temple is the Indiana Buddhist Vihara in Hoagland, IN.
    Any other midwesterners here?

    I've been considering joining Buddhist Geeks for their online sangha and meditation sessions, anyone have experience with them?

  • GatelessGateless PDX New
    edited December 2015

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm new to this online sangha.

    My "brick and mortar" sangha is:

    I look forward to meeting others here.


  • WalkerWalker Veteran Veteran

    Welcome @Gateless Nice to meet you =)

  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran
    edited December 2015

    HI @Gateless ..... welcome. I like your Peanuts avatar :)

  • NatureArtNatureArt Pacific Northwest New

    Hi everyone. I am also new here.

    I live fairly far from the one and only sangha I was able to attend, was a year ago.

    My spiritual teacher in the last several years (since moving north from So. Cal) has been mostly long distance, and Advaita.

    I am looking forward to deepening my Buddhist practice here.

  • BarraBarra soto zennie wandering in a cloud in beautiful, bucolic Victoria BC, on the wacky left coast of Canada Veteran

    The Middle Way sangha here in Victoria BC. Affiliated with Norman Fischer's Everyday Zen.

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