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Students of the Path on Discord : Online Sangha for a Modern World

BhikkhuJayasaraBhikkhuJayasara Bhikkhu Veteran
edited October 2016 in Buddhism Today

My friends I wanted to invite you to join a little Sangha we created about half a year ago. it started out with a handful of us and has grown into an international(we have people from every continent now, except Antarctica) community that comes together for a variety of activities, from dhamma talks to sutta readings and discussion, to a weekly lay person discussion, guided meditation, and more. We've brought together far flung lone buddhists into a close and tight-knit community, not unlike newbuddhist.

In addition to the international community, we are slowly growing into a multi-tradition community as well, although admittedly it is currently heavily Theravadin. We have myself and another Bhikkhu, and a Bhikkhuni from Australia who are regularly on besides me and are always looking for more monastics. I'd also like to say that we have achieved something only done by newbuddhist as far as I can see, while the breakdown of male to female is not quite 50,50, its pretty close.

if interested check out the video I made above showing the website/program(discord) and its capabilities, including voice and text and many wonderful kinds of integration with the internet media. If anyone has any questions I'll glady answer them here as well.



  • I joined. Hope that does not put anyone off. :3

    Seems a good idea. Just to remind ...
    also do links up in a different way, from a Zen perspective.
    You can also use 'Secondlife' to sit in virtual communication/meditation ...

    No sangha? No problem!
    Jayasara haz plan! <3

  • Joined too. Love the "multi-tradition" aspect you mentioned @Jayantha Looking forward to the discussions, teachings and general sharing of the Dharma within the community.

    Thank you for inviting us to the Sangha my friend :)

  • mMircomMirco Europe/Berlin New

    I cannot find a valid link to the discord group. Is it closed?

  • BhikkhuJayasaraBhikkhuJayasara Bhikkhu Veteran
    edited February 2017

    @mMirco said:
    I cannot find a valid link to the discord group. Is it closed?

    Nope it's still around. link here :

  • KannonKannon NAMU AMIDA BUTSU Ach-To Veteran

    I joined as well. The interface is amazing. I don't think it'll be able to top Skype and other apps that have been around for years but in my opinion it's a lot better than them,

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