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Berlin, Germany
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Berlin, Germany
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  • how

    It apparently shows Amida Buddha welcoming the dying into the Western Paradise.
    The painting type is called a Raigo.

    November 8
  • how

    Sorry to hear about your knee. Cross legged sittings are meant to provide a stable platform of support between both knees and the base of the spine. While one of these three is unable to be supported by direct contact with the ground, a bit of a balancing act ensues. Another cushion just under the suspended knee is the usual advice when folks really want a cross legged position to meditate in while they are trying to allow their ligaments to stretch to allow it.
    Seiza or a chair are simply more appropriate for many bodies. When I have had to switch to a chair while recovering from injuries, the only meditative difference that I noticed was discovering how much of an ego investment I had when no longer "looking" as arduous a practitioner as my fellow peers. Oh what foolish beasts we can be.
    I guess you could say that chair turned out to be the better teacher at that moment than the tenderly coveted hand made temple zafu that had my ass for decades.

    October 22
    • コチシカ
      Thank you Howard. I feel a bit dumb because I didn't listen to my body and didn't realise I had to lower the zafu's height. I'm now applying cold treatment and hopefully I will return to the cushion soon. Though the lesson remains: why is the cushion essential for the practice, when the importance should be placed on the practice not the aesthetics?
  • コチシカ
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    September 27