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  • Lee, it is a 'pet hate'. Running away from bullies, and in many cases it is a form of bullying, does not usually make one feel better.
  • Thank you federica, that is exactly how I feel.
  • A very nice definition @federica, thank you. Definately copy and paste material.
  • Thanks everyone for your input. I am glad to see that 'nature' was mentioned by others. I guess I am not so far off the track as I thought.
  • Thank you @karasti, I had done a little more digging and it is in line with what you say.
    in Anatta Comment by rocala March 2018
  • Hi @Snakeskin, I am pretty sure that those key differences had been explained long before that. The commentator that I am referring to seems to feel that Shankara's 'concept' was in some way giving a different slant to the meaning of atman. So mu…
    in Anatta Comment by rocala March 2018
  • I have been visiting the London Buddhist Centre (Triratna) since 2011. I have also done a weekend and a two week retreat with them. Never once have I felt there was anything remotely cult like about them. A (now deceased) very close friend was on…
  • Thanks to everybody for the input and the links.
  • A late friend of mine was very involved in Buddhism during the 1960's. During this period he met David Bowie at a Buddhist commune which I believe was in Surrey. He said Bowie actually wrote and performed a song about Buddhism while staying there. T…
  • @SpinyNorman said: http://www.dhammawheel.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=609 Many thanks for this. I have had some time to go through this but need more to make a real study. So far I am I agree with Dakini. Also grateful for the intro to D…
  • From the article referred to in the OP. "In the Anattalakkhana Sutta, Buddha talks about a continuing existence....[When] the well-instructed disciple of the noble ones grows disenchanted with form, disenchanted with feeling, disenchanted with pe…
  • I am sure this post was mean't to be nice, but it none the less annoys me. "Memorial Day" first I have heard about it? This is the WORLD WIDE WEB. "Our combat vets"? Who's the human races? Regards An ex serviceman
    in Memorial Day Comment by rocala May 2015
  • Trust as a subject is one huge minefield. We tend to forget that it is also a two way street. Recently I went to work without money or bank card. I was stuck, hungry and in a bad mood. A young colleague, with a reputation for his bad temper, came t…
  • Wow - You just have to love Blake.
  • @Nerima said: I've always thought the number of sentient beings as infinite, innumerable. Hi Nerima, so do I. Does that mean that a bodhisattva must remain so, equally infinitely?
  • This feels so familiar to me, especially the alcohol. Sometimes the issues are the symptoms not the problem. I rarely meditate now and I drink far to much. Except when I am away from home when the opposite is the case. So please look at other fa…
  • Many thanks for posting Earthninja. It somehow reminds me of childhood (and later) struggles to understand reality. Those first inklings of 'wow this is big but not totally seperate'.
  • I read somewhere recently that "very few people get everything right and very few get everything wrong". Meaning that these lines of division are pretty artificial. Try for yourself, do not worry so much about the labels.
  • While continuing my research, I came across the following by Al Jillings, at http://www.openbuddha.com/2008/06/03/a-pagan-buddhist/ "One of things that I really appreciated in Tibetan Buddhism and which I appreciate in Japanese Buddhism moreso is…
  • grackle - I can relate to your desert experiences, spent a little time in one once. I wish I had one near. mithril - A great post. I agree that our upbringing is an aspect of this. Your point about 'craving' takes us back to my original question …
  • Hi Lobster, thanks for the link. It is an incredibly interesting website and I have found a few others as a result. Philip Carr-Gomm's weblog to name one, is very informative. Lots to read and think about now.
  • Thank you everyone for your input.
  • Left and Green.
  • Hi everybody, my name is Bob. I am a middle aged man trying to find my place in the scheme of things. I first read about Buddhism in my early teens and it has kept popping up ever since, finally taking root about a year ago. I have long been deeply…