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  • Thank you, I appreciate the replies.
  • As for building or buying a yurt, I didn't know what a yurt is until now. I will look into that as well. Again, thank you very much.
  • I know what abode means. I meant that I usually don't know where I'll be sleeping for the night. So I'm not exactly considering abandoning everything. I do practice wherever I find myself but I feel that some places are more conducive than othe…
  • I'm not quite sure where my current abode is. As for searching, I don't know where to start.
  • I will definitely take a look at "Cave in the Snow". I'm in Turkey. For the most part the weather is moderate and as far as I know bears aren't too common. Although I probably would have to find out more about the specifics of weather, wild anima…
  • What I'm looking for in the short term is basically somewhere I can have a formal retreat for an extended period of time. So I'm looking for somewhere that is as free of external distraction as possible, that is very quiet and has clean air. I don't…