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  • I was doing a search for this topic, found this discussion, and I said, hey I'm a member! In my practice this sometimes occurs, but I do not attach, and proceed. This morning it was a little more intense, with images in light and in dark bakgrounds.…
  • Can bliss be explained in words by someone who is not experiencing that state? And could someone in that state convey an understanding? If they could, how would we even begin to understand?
    in Bliss Comment by Rojeho September 2018
  • I needed that too. Thank you @federica
  • I needed some of this today, then grew very tired with the thread. It is a Monday, where I am not feeling aligned, there is some anger, some impatience, some disappointment, and unfulfilled, exasperating desire. I am watching it all, so that it does…
  • We'll tell them in November! I am reading Grant by Ron Chernow and of course Lincoln in present. I often wonder if we did not have those two remarkable leaders during that tumultuous period of our young nation. Where would we be? Now juxtapose our c…
  • Thank you @Hozan I can be fairly certain that your post covey the feelings of us all! And if it they don't, they should. I really like posts like yours, where the feelings are truly heartfelt and palpable. Peace
  • "Warrior Dance" Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids. Jazz Fusion, pretty funky!
  • Six degrees of separation is not nearly enough for me. I need all 360.
  • That was really fascinating @federica I identify with a lot of those folks. I believe my practice, and what the Buddha teaches focuses you. What happened was, I was searching for how to quiet/slow my racing thoughts, which led me to meditation, then…
  • Working on that @namarupa we're all in the progress of trying to fully engage, our often elusive Buddha nature.
    in The Ego Comment by Rojeho September 2018
  • @Bunks I'm finding you become so much more aware of these states with practice. I am still in awe of the Buddha's teachings and the impact of this discovery as a way out. Thanks for posting that.
  • Thank you @sova I am certain a lot of folks on here will benefit from this knowledgeable teaching you shared. I feel the compassion in your words. I am working very hard on the mindset and equanimity you describe in your comments. It's very hard to…
    in The Ego Comment by Rojeho September 2018
  • @lobster In seeing this, it is doubtful, especially in my current state of tamping down my worldliness, that they could find a basket large enough to cover my head. Peace.
  • @Shoshin I realized when I heard one during meditation this morning. The shakuhachi has a sound not much unlike the call of a mourning dove. Another sound that makes you pay attention, wonder and wander.
  • I prefer natural silence for meditation. I don't use music for that purpose. I use it primarily as background throughout the course of my day, and the genre varies. So that in times of ponder, it's there as I need it, be it for focus, enjoyment, or …
  • @Lee82 I would imagine so. The music and instrument origins are ancient Japan.
  • I don't @kando but you're correct. I find it more focusing than distracting. More so, a soundtrack to my discoveries.
  • Why fake meat? Obviously you desire meat. Just get the real thing and eat it. We're all going to die from something. I'm saying, why not meat? Chicken free chicken!? Nah jack. Please put chicken in my chicken, but keep that ridiculous Chick'filet pi…
  • Thanks guys, very grateful for the sharing of your knowledge and wisdom. Perspective is a marvelous tool.
    in The Ego Comment by Rojeho September 2018
  • I realize that I'm as guilty as the next person, but don't we invest way too much into our over analyzation of Buddah and his teachings. I'm new, however in reading different teachers, what resonates the most is simplicity. I don't need to know how …
  • @Shoshin Thanks for that and everyone else for their responses. Great to carry a Sangha in my LG6!
    in The Ego Comment by Rojeho September 2018
  • @Carameltail It's very simple, just leave it at "I don't drink." If folks don't understand that. Those folks are ignorant beyond understanding, then you just move on. As for annoyance, that's a choice that you made. Peace
  • Thanks @lobster and thanks for the link @federica. There are days when I feel that understanding is right there and I can almost grasp. Then it's gone, with me on the periphery, sqinting again.
    in The Ego Comment by Rojeho August 2018
  • What I have come to notice in my ever evolving awareness, is though I feel better and thrive in being alone, and have become very comfortable in my lonesomeness. It does not weaken my interactions with folks. I do like to engage, laugh, humor to me …
  • Thanks Bunks, me too.
  • Hi, I'm Ron on here Rojeho. I joined a few days ago. I have been practicing for the little more than two years, immersing myself on everything I can find, which has of course only brought me to a fundamental understanding, but a great foundation. No…
  • Wow! Pretty sure I've found my virtual Sangha. Again, so glad I found this forum. Ron/Rojeho
  • Well said seeker242. Your statement has a resolution that makes so much practical sense. We can work ourselves into so many twisted conundrums trying to find explicit meaning. When the answer is right there. And Snakeskin, Food for Awakening was ver…