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North Carolina, USA


  • So, I called the ZMM today to talk to them about my accommodation needs and desire to come for an Introduction to Zen weekened. They said they would definitely be able to work with me and that the accommodations don't seem to be anything that can't …
  • What does it mean for it to be the Year of the Pig? I am not terribly familiar with Chinese Zodiac, other than knowing that I'm the stubborn but devoted Ox. What does the Year of the Pig mean for me as an Ox? Happy Chinese New Year! Love tot e…
  • @Shoshin Thank you for that video. It was, indeed, helpful. I think my main anxiety is for the future. I know i should just trust in the universe and be present in the moment, but sometimes it's easier said than done. I don't have anxiety attacks …
  • @genkaku Oh my goodness, that is so insightful! Your words are an inspiration to me, and I will do what you suggest and take it easy. I'm just starting out in formal zazen training, so this is a long, "infinity-shaped" path for me. I say infinity-sh…
  • I love that book, "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind!" I am reading it through a second time as the last time I read it was a while ago. I am finding new insight in what he says all over again. As for creating a routine, do what you would do for anything…
  • @Lobster Thank you for that link and explanation of Tree Leaf. I think I will give it a go. @federica This site is actually really accessible to screenreader-users. I'm having no difficulty reading and writing on this forum using my screenreader …
  • I practice zazen. Every moment of every day, I try to keep connected but unconnected, part of life but not part of life, if that makes any sense. I'm just starting my formal zazen practice at a local couple's house. I also practice compassion and tr…
  • Letting go of all things leaves behind only zazen. And zazen is the only thing that matters. Its life and existence. As you move through your day and different thoughts That's how I live, letting go of the thoughts and feelings that come into my mi…