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  • @annac said: Am currently researching and everything so far has compelled me to convert to Buddhism. Love for any support or advice as I embark on this new journey. May Buddha's teachings (Dharma) be as wonderful and helpful for you as th…
  • @lobster said: Buddha Babes LOL! Nice phrase!
  • Hello dear friends! I have been following this thread with much interest (I mean, if I am not going to make it to Buddhahood only because of my sex I might as well ease up on things and take a vacation, right? LOL). All samsaric aggregates are an o…
  • Hi! Born in Sapporo, Japan. But I live (as for now) in Mexico city. Hugs!
  • Hello again my friends, if allowed, I will add my two cents into this, hoping to be useful. I will begin with a tale about Gautama Buddha, in which he was asked about what he did in order to achieve enlightenment. It is said that he answerd in terms…
  • As others have said, perhaps the word "idol" is not suited in my case either, but I would say...Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Atisha, Shantideva, Milarepa, King Ashoka, Geshe Potowa, gee! I could list so many I guess.
  • Hello and welcome! I am super new as well, but I am happy you have joined too! :wave: The tradition of Buddhism I am in has a Dharma Centre in Honk Kong, and I guess they have some English teachings, perhaps it is worth calling them and finding …
  • @Citta Oh.... I plead guilty of those typos...typoes...whathever!
  • @How Exactly, in my view, a function of meditating is to bring the object of meditation closer to the mind that focuses on it. The smaller the "distance", the more permanent the impact on a being's life, this is a way to create familiarity with the …
  • This is, in my mind, a great question! Awesome one! I will begin my ranting with a memory. Some years ago, when I was only months old in Dharma (well, in this life, you know what I mean, oki?) I saw a nun in the Dharma Centre, and she was radiantly…
  • Peace with all of you, I shall comment that it is my take on things that when people speak about the duality of yin-yang, and the non-duality of Buddhism (or the duality that must be trascended) it is different dualities that are been talked about. …
  • In my humble opinion, wrongness would be present if attachment was developed towards the objects, yes. Ordained or not, we should all fight against our own delusions. Now, I can't possibly know why the monks there seem (please notice the -seem-) to …