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  • Science has yet to fully confirm how the brain supports the consciousness. It's getting closer, but science for now simply speaks of electrical impulses between brain cells and the interaction between these and hormones and chemicals. How all this l…
  • To look at this from a Buddhist perspective.. morally wrong is to prevent another from fully expressing who and what they are. This can be through ending their life, deliberately doing them harm to disturb their mental state, and suchlike.
  • I don't have to get up early tomorrow \o/
  • My teacher posts most of his teachings on youtube, which is nice, especially when he posts retreat videos that I cannot make. He is gone in Asia 6 months a year, so I have those 6 months to catch up on the videos, and it's like he's not gone at all.…
  • The Battlestar Galactica soundtrack ^^
  • ' While at work '......? I work for a computer games company as customer support. We're allowed music/youtube vids on in background while we work, as I'm not on the phone team
  • No problem Like with Brahm, I love Chodron's sense of humor and how she relates dharma to everyday life and situations. That and how gentle and calm she is. I'd love to meet and speak with her someday.
  • Being toward the young end myself, I can't really give an inward perspective on this, only an outward one. Personally, I think clothing should be 'what you feel comfortable in and like' is appropriate. That said, why you like something is also an im…
  • I've recently heard an awesome dharma talk by Ajahn Brahm on youtube about this: and he did quote the 'not making something happen' side of meditation. Having some time to do nothing, be nothing, while meditating.
    in Letting go. Comment by DotC June 2013
  • I work as customer support for a computer games company, though I've also worked as a swimming teacher. I liked both jobs, as both allow me to help others enjoy something that I enjoy as well. Both have stressful times and stressful encounters.. …
  • Hi there, first post on the discussion forums. I'm a 27 year old customer support agent for a major computer games company, living in Ireland for four and a half years, though was born and raised in England. I was raised CoE christian, though in m…