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  • I wouldn't be too concerned; most, if not all meditators go through this at some stage, even those that have been meditating for years. I was having quite of a lot trouble with sleepiness during meditation as well as in daily life for about 2-3 mont…
  • The doctrine of 'no-self' suggests that there is nothing enduring within 'us', as we tend to define ourselves. There is no single aspect which defines us; our personality, belief and value system is nothing more than a snap-shot of the culmination o…
  • Hi Dazzle, I did briefly try the 'breathing light' method, but I found it difficult at first, so I didn't work on it at all. I've started to incorporate metta as he suggested; but instead of switching to metta because of sleepiness, which would usua…
  • This article is worth a read: Nibbana as Living Experience / The Buddha and The Arahant
  • Breath meditation: Step 1 - Observe the breath as it goes in. Step 2 - Observe the breath as it goes out. Step 3 - Repeat. This might be a little simplified but seriously as far as the step by step instructions go on a basic level this is what…
  • This article might help: Grief and the Mindfulness Approach Perhaps you could try metta (loving kindness, friendliness) meditation. Maybe loving your grief is a bit of a stretch but metta practice can help you to be more open and r…
  • The Biography of the Venerable Acariya Mun
  • Thanks everyone for your input. It seems like I might be getting a little ahead of myself. It's nice to know my options aren't as limited as I thought. Yeah I do hope to meet Ajahn Khemavaro. I've seem some of his Dhamma talks on Youtube. I th…
  • Thanks for your help. I have an affinity for the Thai forest tradition. There's actually a forest monastery not far from where I live (www.wbd.org.au and I do plan on going there in December for a 3 day retreat with Ajahn Tiradhammo; this would b…