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northern Ireland
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  • In a past life..... I didn't waste time on the Internet and get accused of racism.
  • @federica said: I don't think of people as 'black' or 'white' because there is such an enormous mix of races and cultures, that it is impossible to classify people in such a way. Besides which, you can't cluster every single non-caucasian …
  • I my zafu, it's just the right height and feels like I am balanced on a mushroom, like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland
  • @federica said: Yeah, made me gasp a bit.... Interesting that it's so very black and white! I wonder if whoever designed it would be aware of the irony?
  • Pure Class! ?
  • @Shoshin said: Whilst in London I took a boat trip along with my son his girlfriend and my sister to Greenwich village ( the original Greenwich village ) ...My son and his girlfriend wanted to get some stuff from a quaint little health food shop…
  • Shikantaza is more or less what I do, didn't know it had a name! I love the simple, just living and being way, but have noticed that as soon as you try to describe simplicity it gets complicated! ?
  • Not all veterans are soldiers, I remember seeing a really moving documentary about a concentration camp survivor going back to the camp, standing in one of the watchtowers she was silent for a long time then suddenly said 'I never left this place.' …
  • @federica said: @ajhayes said: @yagr said: @Dimmesdale said: I disagree with the adage that hate cannot be driven out by hate. It can. Well, unless the hate is an unreasonable hate, in w…
  • @federica said: US President Donald Trump is in France to commemorate the centenary of World War One's end. He then decides to miss the memorial event on Saturday due to rain. He cancelled a visit to a US military cemetery, but the White H…
  • Just about to, yoga first as it limbers up the legs
  • The romantic idea of war was fortunately kicked in the pants by the cine camera, I feel. it takes a level of determined blindness that is beyond most to ignore the evidence of your own eyes.
  • @federica said: @kando said: ... I don't think playing games would automatically make you a non meditator. I never implied it would be automatic. Far from it.... What I am saying is that it's a form of attachment wh…
  • Visualisation is a part of meditation for some, you could call that virtual, I prefer the words creative and inaginative, which a lot of game graphics are, some are amazing! And I don't think playing games would automatically make you a non meditat…
  • After the dreamy weamy pretty pictures his words cut like a diamond don't they! He is also a veteran, to cross with other threads, here.
  • Wise words, @federica! Poor Van Gogh, now he was a master at self punishment. The painting of the crow field, his last, hangs in Cardiff Museum, it's one of the most amazingly things I've ever stood in front of, awed. Artists need a lot of watching
  • Being an artist is a great way of doing no harm, doing what you love and just about making ends meet, in a good year! Living in a fairly decrepit cottage in the middle of nowhere also helps
  • This is from The Heart Treasure of the enlightened Ones by Dilgo Khyentse, I was surprised by it, but feel it rings true! 'if your actions conform with Dharma you' ll antagonise everyone. If your words are true most people will get angry. If y…
    in Feelings Comment by kando November 2018
  • Dear brother squirrel nuts, I am sending you all the nuts I have stored so far this Autumn, your plea has moved me deeply and as I'm a squirrel I'm not very bright. Yours in penury Nutkin.
  • Boy, do I remember the toilets @kerome! So many things, we travelled by train a lot, steam trains, I remember once a pile of corpses stacked right by the line, no idea why, the size of the vultures and eagles feasting was really awesome. The bus rid…
  • @Shoshin said: Yes it was an interesting and somewhat whistle stop journey...Sad to leave family and friends in Europe, but glad to be home ( NZ) for a well deserved rest...( it seems all I was doing was flying and riding buses trains and ferrie…
  • Sounds like a powerful journey @Shoshin, that is a very interesting looking pipe, I think I saw something like it in Simla, thirty odd years ago. There were a lot of Tibetans living there at the time. I'm an ozone worshipper myself
  • Thank you for posting this @NMADDP, Reading about it on the Plum Village site was moving, seeing it is overwhelming. One of my favorite poems of his is Little Star, which contains this, 'your voice has reached millions of stars That all transform…
  • I'm in Ireland. This is the only sanga I have enjoyed and truly learned from so far. As to zendos I'm not so much soto zen as solo zen Thich Nhat Hanh made a comment about there being too many Zen centres and not enough Zen corners. Like that.
  • @Jeffrey said: Psychology has more to say about anxiety than Buddhism. Buddhist meditation was designed to follow the Buddhist path rather than improve mental health. So Buddhist meditation is more like you would sit with anxiety and give it sp…
  • Brilliant, brilliant Rumi - great link @lobster, I feel that new buddhist at its best is a great field for meetings am reading a lot of Cid Corman at present and like this too, "Poetry becomes The conversation We could not otherwise have'
    in You Comment by kando November 2018
  • It was Delen @kundo, great character, loved the show too @Jason - we are star stuff! (also Delenn)
    in You Comment by kando November 2018
  • As I once heard quoted in an episode of Babylon Five 'the universe put us here to make sense of itself.' Good luck with that, universe, says I!
    in You Comment by kando November 2018
  • @Kerome said: The transformation of Samhain to Halloween? And Astara to Easter, and Yule to Christmas...... Darn those monkish spin doctors!
  • I find meditation on the whole enjoyable and it tends to be a time of clarity in my day, which I value. Is this normal?
  • Not to mention sub particle physics. (OK, I just mentioned it!)
  • Done a bit more digging on this and Akshobhya, of the Eastern Pure Land, lis an important figure in Shingon, and this quote from the online Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia may shed some light, I found it helpful. 'the path of Enlightenment through…
  • @Vimalajāti said: Japanese Buddhists love saying complicated things like "the Buddha and the Devil are one and the same" and "evil is bodhi". Yes, but do they say it with a twinkle in the eye and that kind of quarter smile Japanese wome…
  • Struck by the phrase 'we live in a time of great ambiguity' - only too true! great article @kerome. Needs pondering.
  • 'alive or dead I'm in it for The poetry' One of Cid Corman's 'famous blue aerogrammes.'
  • @lobster said: May have gone improper lost again ... That happened to me once, in Soho. It was very improper I can tell you
  • @paulyso said: this remindes me of an old lady.that day i decided to go for a walk at a park trail. i was walking with full of thoughts as usual.i kept on walking.eventually saw a park bench facing the view of the lake.there was an old lady ju…
  • In biological, evolutionary ideas walking is falling, being upright is being at risk! It's why I love to walk, it's also one of the only times my brain works properly.
  • Grief is natural, why does society try to rush people through it? Making others feel guilty for being sad, for crying, for not 'moving on' which is so often a cover for 'your making me uncomfortable, stop it!' letting go is different, softer, gentle…
  • Come on in, the water is fine! ?
  • Speaking as someone who has spent most of her life running, right on! Brilliant and exhilarating.:)
    in Run Comment by kando October 2018
  • The most important thing for people is to feel valued for who they are, the true face beneath all the masks we often have to wear just to survive! If society did that, what a wonderful world