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  • I am finding it hard to let go of my attachment towards my family. I am finding that I am always scared about the fact that what may happen to my daughter and my wife - wanting them to be always safe and healthy, fearing the what if scenarios regard…
  • @Jeffrey said: That is interesting that walking feels easier. Does that mean it is a little more enjoyable? I wonder if the movement is easier to physically enjoy? I can not say if walking feels enjoyable to me, but I can say that it se…
  • While doing my walking meditation, I can feel the physical sensations in my feet and also their rising and putting on the floor. Is there something else in walking meditation which I am missing, as walking meditation seems easier to me than sitting …
  • While browsing youtube today, I came across the below video URL in the suggested videos list, then I watched it and I found it insightful, so thought of sharing with you all the below video URL:
  • @federica said: You know what, @misecmisc1 ..? Seriously? I'd give up. Honestly, in your place, I really would. Stop meditating, stop trying to meditate, stop failing to meditate, stop being frustrated in your efforts to meditate. …
  • When nearly 8 years back, I started studying Buddha'…
  • Kindness is a natural expression of being human.
  • A query on meditation - what is happening is that these days, when I am doing sitting zazen meditation, then the instructions say to keep the eyes open and keep the view at 45 degrees. I have tried keeping eyes closed and open in different sittings …
  • Another video from Adyashanti, which I saw today: What are your views regarding the above video?
    in Surrender Comment by misecmisc1 April 23
  • If meditation is done with the goal of liberation, then how does awareness meditation (just aware of sound, form etc as Mingyur Rinpoche teaches) or zazen (Dogen's shikantaza) help achieve or realize it? Any ideas please. Thanks.
  • I remember that in some documentary which was on our brain or on the question of Is there an I, in that the researchers found that when the participants thought that they made a choice to do something, just few milliseconds or microseconds earlier, …
    in Surrender Comment by misecmisc1 April 18
  • @person said: @misecmisc1 said: Well, after my last job ended in Nov last year, after that I did a 10-day vipassna Goenka retreat and in the last 2 months, my sitting had been on and off, but not daily, sometimes in morning and some…
  • Off the topic of this thread, I wish all of you a very happy Holi.