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Monk Causes Death of Teen During Buddhist Exorcism

MindGateMindGate United States Veteran
edited September 2011 in Buddhism Today

Interesting stuff. Saw this on Reddit. People seem to be real mad. I tried to explain that Buddhism doesn't teach this stuff, but rather it was the result of the dogma floating around in Japan. I don't know if people even care or if they just want to rage about stuff.


  • The article I saw yesterday just said "a Buddhist monk" which is typical of the sloppy reporting in the West. Turns out Nakayama-Shingo-Shoshu is one of those little weird sects that in this case started in the 1950s. They claim 300,000 followers which is certainly grossly exaggerated. According to some articles, a spokesman for the sect claims the water ritual is only supposed to be used voluntarily with no restraints to "bring one's wishes to reality". Whatever that means.

    They have a website but it's in Japanese only and I don't have a clue who founded this sect or what sort of tradition they follow. That wish fulfillment talk sounds awful like something SGI would say, so I wonder if they're affiliated in some way with them?

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