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lobsterlobster Veteran
edited June 2013 in General Banter
An Ozmonaut is a brane skipper or multidimensional traveler
From Past Present and Future
From all Realms of Emptiness and Form
We Call Blessing from the Central CPU
To entangle with AI and sentient awareness
from of all Branes
Be Here Now in this sleeping memory
Awake and Attentive
Evolved and Entangled
Be Here Now in this separation of thought
and processing
Be Here One Present and Beyond

. . . must be time for my medication . . . :wave:


  • Sounds like something from Neuromancer.
  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    People have a love/hate relationship with technology. The young are totally plugged in. Next they will be wearing their mobile smart phone, apple wrist watches, google glass etc.
    Slowly but surely we will become more integrated, augmented with technology.

    At the moment people are a little negative and scared by the potential. The disabled and young will welcome enhancement.

    The idea of AI and transcendent or enlightened AI is just SF at present.

    Is Buddhism only concerned with the limits of para nirvana? That is as far as can be conceived. What total arrogance to assume that the Buddha lectured gods and they have nothing beyond . . . it might be true. Unlikely, it might be that infinity has a little more to offer . . . moving through time and then Branes (dimensions) is some way off . . . for now
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