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extreme and subtle

lobsterlobster Veteran
edited October 2013 in Meditation
The ego is subtle.
Not in my case, where it is gross, obvious and out of control, mostly on days of the week ending in 'Y'. One of the values of company and sangha is the reflective potential.
The 'real' being in Buddhism is empty but manifest in qualities such as metta. Can we be objective about the components and expression of our ego? Is that one of the purposes of meditation? For me it is.
What are you unaware of in your being but others seem constantly aware of? For me it is probably my delusions of inadequacy.


  • howhow Veteran
    edited October 2013
    The graduations of influence between extreme & subtle seem limitless when talking about our habituated responses to phenomena. To be unaware of a particular influence that I am subject to, that others are constantly aware of would require my asking the Mrs about, so as then to become aware of what I was formally unaware of..
    Sorry..I am pretty sure offering that much joy to the Mrs is tantamount to some perceptual breakage or another.
  • Mine is being atop of other people, as if I had nothing else to achieve. The Truth is mine, I sometimes bounce it off other people, but I always get it back. From this I learn that I must surrender to other people, bow in respect to others teachings.

    In a sense we can be objective about the components of the ego, because it can be perceived in our feelings/thoughts/manifestation. Writing down what I think is an efficient way for me to "catch" myself into egoic thinking.
  • Thanks guys :bowdown:


    As you know, one of the reasons the Buddha last words were
    Work hard to gain your own salvation
    is because the person we can know, be compassionate too and is completely deserving and capable of us 'saving' is [ . . . drumroll . . .] us . . .

    Not one person reading this is incapable of knowing themself and working towards their well being. However small the intent, however small the capacity, good will come from our move towards BuddhaHoodies . . . and subduing the 'heavenly dogs'

    The unravelling of the knots of persona, in my case self aggrandisement, being wise without due care and attention and general purpose circus performance has a higher potential. Of course it reveals the ridiculous excesses of the ego to others but also it says, my failings and hindrances are like yours . . .

    Therefore it is both confession, exposure, revelation and reflective . . .

  • The problem is not the ego which stands for reason and circumspection according to Freud. The real problem is with the Id. The problem of the Id Buddhism understands because desire is the huge problem in Buddhism.
  • Yes, I am very competitive. Thank you for reminding me of that. LOL
  • Desire and competitiveness and the id gone wild (well pretty wild to start) can all be turned from extreme hindrances to a skilful means of help . . .

    For example if you have no desire to overcome dukkha and no desire for others well being, you might as well be a crustacean . . .

    Why not compete with your improved future self? That would be a Buddha incidentally
    . . . stay sharp, the competition is on the cushion . . .

    As for the uncontrolled ID, let it dharma dance it's little heart out . . .
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