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Is your head on fire?

Hakuin says that “it is with great respect and deep reverence that I urge all of you superior seekers who investigate the secret depths to be as earnest in penetrating and clarifying the self as you would be in putting out a fire on top of your head.”

Ay caramba! Are the zenniths anarchrists?



  • FosdickFosdick in its eye are mirrored far off mountains Alaska, USA Veteran
    edited March 2017

    Know your enemy - you're going to have to work with the blighter somehow - and who the hell hid my fire extinguisher?!

    Zen Anarchy - Gah, rather a mellow sort of thing, but perhaps the Professor will like it. (Carl Barks, Lost in the Andes )

  • They pinched that from the Phena Sutta. :p

    "Thus a monk, persistence aroused,
    should view the aggregates
    by day & by night,
    should discard all fetters;
    should make himself
    his own refuge;
    should live as if
    his head were on fire —
    in hopes of the state
    with no falling away."

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