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How to be Naughty?

@Kerome posted the below naughtiness to avoid. So take note. What concessions can be made to the non fanatical goodlies and the dharma-drowned needing a break? I bought the above sign in a £1 shop. I was gonna hang it around my garden Buddhas neck but his head is too big. The sign has gone up. It is very wikid. Do you occasionally make peace with your Sith nature?

Main klesha's
1. Desire
2. Anger
3. Pride
4. Ignorance
5. Wrong Doubts
6. Wrong Views

Secondary klesha's
1. Aggression
2. Ill-will
3. Secrecy
4. Hatefulness
5. Jealousy
6. Avarice
7. Deceit
8. Hypocrisy
9. Vanity
10. Cruelty
11. Shamelessness
12. Lack of consideration
13. Lethargy
14. Agitation
15. Suspicion
16. Laziness
17. Indifference
18. Forgetfulness
19. Inattention
20. Distraction



  • You're turning me into a hypochondriac! :p

  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran

    I think it's a very good list... we are all intimately familiar with at least a few of them, and being reminded of their existence means we can become a bit more vigilant towards our encounters with them.

    Most of the minor ones decompose into elements in which the major ones play a great role, and I've found it very helpful to gain a deeper understanding of the minor klesha's which sneak up and try to gain a grip on your mind. When you imprint on yourself that indifference is a form of avoidance and lethargy and a lack of positive elements such as compassion and energy, you begin to understand more how the klesha's constrain you and keep you from expressing the best of yourself.

  • Dharma practice is pragmatic. Claws up who knew ;)

    In other words it is a practical means, developed over centuries by full time explorers, to deal with life, the universe and everything.

    We duz haz plan!

  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran

    I find it useful to return to this once in a while... it's like familiarity with the emotions and the names opens certain doors, allows you to see things more clearly in the moment.

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