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BhikkhuJayasara · Bhikkhu · Veteran


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  • Re: Student Of The Path

    Video marking two years in robes, and one year as a Bhikkhu, joys and struggles, positives and negatives.

  • Re: Guide to being a successful meditator

    I am still around, but I don't do much lurking of buddhist forums anymore, although as you can see all you need to do is call my name three times(like beetlejuice, or bloody mary) and I magically appear :)

  • Re: Guide to being a successful meditator

    @lobster said:
    It was a great talk Jayasara. <3

    You are obviously paying for your keep. o:)
    I like the 'mind as entertainment' bit.

    As you know the cyber laity here have little guidance, apart from our own experiences and the occasional word of wisdom from a passing Bodhi.

    Don't be a stranger. We need the scraps ...

    Ok then, here are a few more scraps :)

    Dhamma Short : Understanding Not-Self/Soullessness (Anatta)

    2017 3CE Retreat : Dukkha - Laying Down The Burden

    and playlists :

    Dhamma Shorts (usually under 10 min videos) -

    Q&A excerpts (usually under 10 min videos) -

    Full Dhamma Talks :

  • Re: Death and the Buddha's message

    Cheryl died one night, all alone, with no one holding her hand, no one to comfort her, no one to cry with her.
    All Alone, in a depressing, ugly, nursing home room.

    we all die alone... even if there are dozens of people around our bedside.. no one can die with us.. we take that final journey, that final test, by ourselves. Your mind thinks otherwise though, which is causing you guilt, fear, and sadness... this is the nature of our mind full of delusions :). You could not "go with her" or "help her pass" so guilt arises... and a feeling of helplessness... and the "what ifs" arise.. I could of done this.. I could of done that.. etc.

    as for my wife, I can only wish her well that she was able to come to another human rebirth so she can practice dhamma and eventually reach the deathless. I don't really hold much attachment to "her" anymore, or even my own family.. which is why I guess I feel im ready to renounce. Of course I have attachment to those I grew up with and love.. but I'm starting to see them more as fellow beings in samsara, rather then " my" father, "my" mother etc. It was a weird feeling one day about 9 months ago when I had a thought about my mother and my mind , directly from my subconscious.. said " this being".. instead of "mom".

    but this is a large digression.. we should be talking about how we are mindful of death every day so we are not careless.
  • Re: Student Of The Path