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  • Happiness is within yourself
    'In order to be happy, sometimes you have to be able to deny the pleasure!

    Strong passions and uncontrolled desires lead to suffering. To avoid this suffering that may cause addiction and destructive impulses, you need to be able to deny the pleasure that promise you these things! Happiness is based on freedom! Freedom from strong desires and passions!'

    A lack of life happiness makes people seek to pleasure constantly, because therein they see the only way to feel alive.'
    'The Third Noble Truth is that suffering can be overcome and happiness attained.'

    So I think the key here is freedom from attachments.

    It's worrying that with social media these days people seek instant happiness.

  • Re: New Year's Resolution ...Who Makes It ?

    Everyday is a new day resolution for me and a opportunity for change.

  • Zen in comics

    King-cat makes some interesting comics with a zen like feel

    I think these kinds of comics are very nice to look at and relaxing.
    I enjoy comics in general as the visual storytelling is quite, engaging XP

    I suppose the other comic I can think of associate with zen is zen pencils possibly as it's in the title lol but it's about visually retelling important quotes and such.

  • The lion's gaze

    'Padmasambhava said that when a stick is thrown to a dog, the dog will chase the stick. When you throw a stick to a lion, the lion will chase you. The lion gazes steadily at the source, the thrower. A dog’s gaze follows the object, the stick. Similarly, our source of experience is our own mind. … An emotion, like anger, represents the stick.

    The source hurling that emotion is our mind. It is the mind that projects. … a mind functioning beyond the jumbling of discursive emotions develops a steady and awake inner gaze, piercing the welter of thoughts.'

    Sherab, P. & Dogyal, T. (1998). The Lion’s Gaze.

    I think, it's a nice way to think about the importance of having awareness, of the source of feelings we experience within ourselves.

  • Re: Journal

    Ahh i've come across those bullet journal things before but while I like the idea I guess i don't like the neat and orderly aspect of it. I prefer having squiggly out of control writing whereas this feels too clean X3 saying that i do kinda keep a journal, the first one i did was jus a general one which i stopped. The one i have now is more a methodological guide to improving yourself and plus some random ideas. I guess also ive go through periods of writing daily but that wasn't for me perhaps I haven't quite cracked the right method for that. Also my phone is good for keeping many many notes all chronological whih is good.