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  • Re: HHDL’s views on materialism

    The problem is it is very hard to move to another system, with industries and cooperation being so dependent on it. It's very hard to change things to that extent even with all the ecological problems and social. In addition, what kind of system can work on such a large scale, I can only think dictatorship because it is very hard to have so many people in a system, the more people the more authoritarian and suppressed a system gets as more control is required. Unless perhaps there is a technological solution to that.

    Also the scandinavian countries are much smaller, it's harder for this sort of system to work well in bigger countries unless they reduce in size and it relies on capitalism still to power it's welfare state. Plus you need a culture of cooperation for this model to really work well.

  • Re: The New Buddha

    While it is worrying I some senses I think AI could find some good uses to make life easier for everyone.
    It is how and who uses them that seems most scary. Oppressive governments using them to control people further perhaps? As often is with tech a double edged sword.

  • The peaceful observer

    Be the observer of your thoughts.
    You are not your thoughts and/or feelings.
    Observing your thoughts can help you transform and release 'negative' thoughts and feelings. And it can help you grow and connect with others.

  • Re: HHDL’s views on materialism

    There are many reasons why capitalism sticks.
    A large population while it cannot be said to be the root of any problems it does make it harder to move from it.
    Capitalism (as it is now at least) is something that grows and as it spreads it becomes more dominant idea so it becomes hard to think past it and as more debt is accumulated i think it becomes harder to deal with as well.

    It has brought some good things like bringing people better wealth in some countries and technology innovations though of course some people have suffered worse for it. The system of having the capitalists at the top is inherently unequal. Also the system does encourage exploitation although ethics can be also an asset in some cases. And of course you only need so much material wealth. The system also encourages advertising to milk people to buy more goods because it needs consumers.

    Either there will be some sort of awakening on the issues or there is a major crisis that causes people to have to come to terms with things.
    Some people are starting counter the damage done from capitalism to the enviroment.

  • Re: Pop Buddhism

    @JaySon said:

    @David said:

    @JaySon said:
    I guess this is on a related wavelength... It's weird to me that modern psychology doesn't base any of their conclusions on the nature of ultimate reality, the absence of the self, Impermanence, and other truths. In my opinion the Dharma Seals are beyond religion. They are the indisputable truth and can't rationally be refuted. Yet modern psychology has at its base delusions of reality. It filters everything through the delusion of self and permanence. It aims to sculpt the ego. We Buddhists aim to destroy the ego, which is really only a hallucination to begin with.

    I always seem to be the odd one out here. You had me up until the last line because that shows an aversion to self awareness.

    If you destroy your ego, how will you tie your shoes?

    There is a Middle Way via the 8fold path. We work diligently to live according to the dharma. Just another way of sculpting the self really. Any discipline is through personal effort.

    Q-- How much ego do we need?

    Shunryu Suzuki-- Just enough that we don't get hit by a bus.

    The ego isn't your consciousness. The ego is just something that feels like self that arises in your aggregates when you are angry or afraid, tricking you into believing you have a self. You don't need it to function. It's just a delusion that causes attachment and aversion. It (the delusion of ego) has no use, is the cause of all our problems, and therefore must be obliterated. The mind/body construct still exists. The ego never truly existed except for in thought, in concept, and cannot actually be found anywhere within the mind/body complex.

    It isn't the 'cause' of all our problems, what is, is not being able to see for ourselves that we are not separate from reality (there not being an independent self), attachment to illusions and the acceptance of other deceptions as reality.
    It isn't about destroying it but about discovering who we are ourselves and then letting the illusion go as a result. 'Destroying' it is counter productive. The focus is to realise truth for yourself.