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  • Happiness is within yourself
    'In order to be happy, sometimes you have to be able to deny the pleasure!

    Strong passions and uncontrolled desires lead to suffering. To avoid this suffering that may cause addiction and destructive impulses, you need to be able to deny the pleasure that promise you these things! Happiness is based on freedom! Freedom from strong desires and passions!'

    A lack of life happiness makes people seek to pleasure constantly, because therein they see the only way to feel alive.'
    'The Third Noble Truth is that suffering can be overcome and happiness attained.'

    So I think the key here is freedom from attachments.

    It's worrying that with social media these days people seek instant happiness.

  • Re: New Year's Resolution ...Who Makes It ?

    Everyday is a new day resolution for me and a opportunity for change.

  • Re: Isolation and Solitude

    When I hear the word dove in that sentence I can only think of the bird XD
    I can get pretty lazy with grammar especially online, and sometimes I make up my own grammar to express the way in which I speak. Tbh I don't really like the way the way English flows as a language compared to something like Japanese, then again overtime I've gotten used to it :expressionless:

    Also with regards to solitude, it can be good to get away from other people and reflect sometimes. It can get unhealthy long term perhaps, but we all need some time alone I'd think.

  • Re: Critically thinking about the four Noble Truths

    I think dissatisfaction is inherent in life mean more on the lines that things are only temporary and transient (as has been mentioned somewhat similarly above). Meaning you can experience happiness but it is only a passing experience.
    It doesn't mean happiness is not experienced in relation to these things.
    One thing though is happiness starts with yourself and isn't so much something you chase. I can kind of get the half empty thing though so to rephrase what is said there I would say the potential for happiness is already in yourself. Also I guess there were several kinds of things described in relation to suffering.

    You also reminded me of Max-min principal Rawls political philosophy about maximising happiness and minimising suffering not that I promote that as such either just reminded me XP.

    I don't think sex is a need as such, not to say it is bad at all more that it isn't something people need to survive or live. When people feel like they need these things strongly it is usually to do with emotional issues. There are other ways to express the self such as creativity and while it can be a good thing it is not really a need at all.

  • Re: The lion's gaze


    I agree it's not always the mind that produces these things. So healthy emotions can arise in body for example when you are in a dangerous situation aren't so dictated by the mind and constructs. Well unless you want to view reality as a construct ofc. But yes this is a healthier way to experience.
    I suppose in the case of emotional reactions that trigger responses for example what people say, involves the processes of the mind or holding of fear or other emotions. Much of these sorts of responses I suppose are mind constructed. Or perhaps exaggerations of an emotion so a combination of both

    To answer question for me I get emotional feelings both directly from body, and those relating to mind and I still have much problems atm. (In fact I haven't really been feeling too well :/)

    I also experience the fact that peoples emotional problems can be shared to some extent. Especially if you have any existing vulnerabilities.

    I suppose one thing though is unhealthy emotional states can be held in the physical body and It can become a holding point for unresolved feelings.