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The Hammer in Ontario, Canada, eh
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The Hammer in Ontario, Canada, eh
  • Re: Adam and Eve

    What's there to be skeptical about? An all-knowing deity tempted a couple he made with fruit he knew they would eat and punished them for it.

    Seems pretty legit.

  • Re: Bodhi of Christ

    I can't even reconcile the teachings of Jesus with Christianity let alone Buddha and Christianity but hey.

  • Re: Self-consciousness

    @lobster said:
    The inverted or projected ego, 'people are ultra conscious of me' - when in fact we may be ultra sensitive/conscious. ...

    Assertiveness is interesting because it is about giving oneself permission to be. Part of that being may impact on others comfort zone. What about our comfort zone?

    Fear is interesting too, it is the root conflictive emotion of my anger. So @federica is right about how common innapropriate/damaging/self conflicted thoughts and emotions can be.

    In Buddhism we gradually train the mind to be calmer in more challenging situations. For example on my imaginary/visualised trips to hell, I regularly stand in the middle of a hell realm and shout, 'OK DEMONS COME AND GET IT - OM MANI PEME HUM' and before I know it I am surrounded by hungry ghosts and others in a feeding frenzy.

    As I relax, they are given a feast of fear, anger, negativity, shame, worry, anxiety anything they love and I don't need.

    This message sponsored by Lobster Picnics in Hell inc

    I can't tell if you're being compassionate with the demons or not.

    I can only hope some of their needs are seen through and they have demons of their own to pass the buck to.

    Very interesting visualization technique!

    I just may have to try it if you don't mind. Don't worry, I won't tell them you sent me.

  • Re: Sexual Misconduct

    @federica said:

    @David said:
    Oh ok.

    Well, that's something I should have known.

    It's not like I ever had a close up view (while there was peeing, lol) or anything though.

    No wonder men can't find the clitoris..... ~rolleyes~

    You poor thing.

  • Re: Who is it who suffers?

    @JaySon said:
    Is it right to say that the one who suffers is the mentally and emotionally constructed "I"? And if the "I" dissolves then there is no one left to suffer?

    Sure, but then who will tie your shoes?

    We walk the middle way. The individual sense of self or separation can be seen as a tool we use but we don't stop using it just because we can now see it as such.

    The unique perspective you present makes you useful.

    When Buddha woke up, he got up from the tree and used his seemingly separate self to spread the dharma. He could have just let his body rot but that would be a waste. It was a tool.

    Also, is it safe to laugh at anyone who is angry with me, knowing it is only their inflamed sense of self that believes it is angry?

    Depends on how big they are.