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  • Re: How to live?

    I have no control over the skillfulness or unskillfulness of my neighbors. Therefore, I don't overworry sbout their level of skillfulness.
    I do, however, have some control over my own skillfulness and lack thereof. That is where I do my polishing.
    I also do not take myself too seriously.
    It is more fun that way.

  • Re: Married on Nov 11

    When two souls join, it matters not the outer shells. For the light shines through all.
    May your journey together be wondrous indeed.

  • A wish for you

    In this holiday season, with the old year ending and the new one fast approaching, I present you with a wish for you.

    That the wealth of your storehouse be such that you suffer not from want of that which sustains the body and the mind.

    That the wealth of your body enables you to be active and support the wealth of your heart.

    That the wealth of your heart be abundant and ever expansive. For the wealth of the heart grows the more you share it.

    These treasures of life I wish up on you for all your years.

    Peace to all.

  • Re: To Be[at] Or Not To Be[at]…

    Having combated both ADHD and PTSD, as a practicing Buddhist, I have applied both Buddhist and nonbuddhist techniques. On the Buddhist practice side, I utilize the chanting meditation of the SGI Nichiren Buddhist school. (Nam-myoho-renge-kyo). I have gained the wisdom, strength and confidence that makes my actions and efforts effective. The "monkey chatter" neither deters nor controls me. My awareness of my environment is heightened while my focus is sharpened without deluding either.

  • Re: Spiritual livelihood in the western world

    Sometimes we do not have the option to choose the "Right Path" in our work, etc.
    I am reminded of a conversation a general had with the Buddha. He asked the Buddha how it was possible to avoid killing as a soldier. The Buddha's response was "It is sufficient to kill the will to kill."
    The object is not to be perfect, but to strive toward perfection and to be the best you can be in each moment. You will stumble, even fall. Just get back up, dust yourself off and continue your journey.
    It is always that simple, always that easy and always that hard.

    Peace to all