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  • Re: New? Introduce Yourself to NB Members!

    I want out! This place is terrible. Someone ban me or delete my profile if possible. @lobster fuck you!!!!

  • Re: Zen Master: "If you want to practice Zen, find a teacher. Stop making excuses. A student that cannot

    @karasti said:
    @Razor this thread is 6 years old. Why are you being so rude? Or perhaps pushy is the better word. In any case, we don't re-open threads that are more than a year old on this board. You are always free to start a new topic and reference the old one though.

    I'm being rude because the meme we of this forum were rude to me and seem incapable of hearing anyone's thoughts other than their own. @lobster was an ass to me my first day and others have responded in similar condescending ways. Or others have taken what I thought to be really good advice as offensive. This thread comes up on google when you search zen and teachers and it's still open. All threads should be closed after a year that's he case. Feel free to ban me.

    @Hozan said:
    @Razor feel free to not answer of course but I am curious about your profile picture? Any significance or reason for having a picture of somebody with a gun to their head. Just curious and asking respectfully

    It's a Buddha named Trungpa Rinpoche > @Hozan said:

    We are all just like the buddha in that we are all ordinary human beings. I didnt learn to meditate by myself. Of course we all need teachers. Of course I am not enlightened. Of course I am ignorant. I think @razor you are taking a quite combative approach here. No need. I am not your enemy. I respect you and wish you well. We are just having a discussion. I am happy to always learn from others.

    If everything I say in a nice way is being dismissed then I'm going to to be loud and rude and combative until I'm banned.

  • Re: Creating my Own Refuge Ceremony

    @Hozan said:
    Thank you @lobster. @razor no need to take a combative approach here. I am nobodys enemy here. I respect everybodys different views and always look to learn from others.

    I am just personally disgusted with @lobster and@satcittananda. They seem full of themselves and arrogant. Lobster was an ass to me on my first post, so he is now my enemy. You, I'm fine with. Do what you hinknis best. I'm not discouraging your ceremony as much as I'm trying to encourage you to find a teacher to give you refuge because the results will in all likelyhood be better. > @karasti said:

    everyone has to do what is right for them. I live 250 miles from the nearest Buddhist center (including my teacher) and am lucky if I get to see him more than once a year. Buddhism is a personal journey. Some do well with a guide. Some prefer to go it alone. Whatever works. Not everyone has access to teachers despite what you might believe @Razor. And there is no need to jump into a forum you are new to and insult members and assume their brand of Buddhism is the same as yours. Generally doesn't go over well. It doesn't impact your practice whatsoever if @Hozan does a private refuge ceremony. MANY teachers encourage people to do so and offer suggestions online on ways they can make it personal and meaningful to them. If masters are required in Buddhism, then who was Buddha's master?

    The buddha had many teachers and some think he was born enlightened and it was all a drama to give us hope. He turned the wheel of dharma for us and created the conditions for many great teachers to arise. How can you dismiss this and think you will be like the Buddha and turn the wheel of dharma in this lifetime?
    I will insult @lobster as long as I am on this forum. He/she insulted me after my first post in a most arrogant fashion, and I will flame him/her until they are totally broken. I outrightly stated I was looking for healthy discussion and based on everyone's responses to me I don't see how that is possible. All my responses were even tempered and very objective until I saw that the members of this forum do not appreciate that and feel the need to troll. I will not sit back and take shit from lobster, satcittananda, or anyone else. I will also argue my points however I wish. Feel free to ban me. I'm not looking to be making anymore posts anyway.

  • Re: Swim into the deepness of your mind?

    Have you realized your Buddha nature? No you haven't. Better get a teacher and stop being arrogant. You just juggle concepts around like you know something, but you're just full of shit.