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  • To All The Young Members ( and lurkers)

    Some food for thought…For the "Beginner's mind"

    Many of us stumble upon the path at a later age (more old and fragile than young and agile :) )

    So to the teens, early, mid, late twenties, (and into the thirties …I guess) you have all been blessed with a karmic pattern (past life or this life who knows...) that has lead you to the Buddha’s Dharma at such a young age…

    It’s a precious gift, full of wisdom, and if used wisely, it will enrich your lives and no doubt, the lives of those whom you encounter along life’s journey ie, the Path…

    At times there will be challenges and obstacles to overcome, the Dharma will equip you with the necessary tools to overcome them…but you have to have these three things Great “Faith” Great "Doubt" Great "Determination"...

    ~Sensei Sevan Ross~
    "Great Faith and Great Doubt are two ends of a spiritual walking stick. We grip one end with the grasp given to us by our Great Determination. We poke into the underbrush in the dark on our spiritual journey. This act is real spiritual practice -- gripping the Faith end and poking ahead with the Doubt end of the stick. If we have no Faith, we have no Doubt. If we have no Determination, we never pick up the stick in the first place."

    So study/practice and use your gift wisely…. don’t waste it…

    My teacher keeps reminding his students of how precious human life is, and of how fortunate we human are to have the Dharma in our lives…I agree wholeheartedly ….

  • Re: Changes in time

    @eggsavior said:

    I'm never getting old. I will age and change but I'm staying as youthful as possible.

    I feel like every day I am taking my first steps again, learning all the wisdom I'll have later on in life.

    ""In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities,
    but in the expert's there are few.""

    ~Shunryu Suzuki~

  • Re: Zen koan's understanding

    Zen koan's understanding

    Every which way one thinks about the koan one arrives at a logical dead end (the mind left wanting) ...

    The idea of a koan, is to make one have a thought explosion...blowing the thoughts out of the mind, taking the mind beyond the intellect....

    The koan answer lies beyond intellect.... in a mind blown wide open ....

  • Re: OMG !...(Or Should That Be "Oh My Buddha Nature" ) ?

    Understandably in the US people would be less blasphemous when it comes to everyday expressions than in other parts of the Western world...

    In this part of the world (and I guess in the UK too) it's not uncommon to hear things like "God al f$@#ing mighty !" or "Jesus f#$@#ing Christ! " or some will use less swear words like "For Christ's sake !" when becoming fed-up with someone...

    I guess a good all rounder Buddhist expression would be something like " May the Buddha catch your/my tongue !" (which does have a "Right Speech" feel to it...) :)

  • Re: Bodhi of Christ

    @vinlyn said:
    I just don't find Buddhism to be consistent with a closed mind. In fact, Siddhartha realized Buddhism by being open-minded.

    I couldn't agree more @vinlyn ...And you have every right to see things your way and if I were in your shoes I would see things the same...However I'm not in your shoes just as you are not in mine, so we see things differently ....I'm open to this ...are you ?

    The Buddha's Dharma has really opened my mind's fact...I have found...

    When it comes to 'my' spiritual path, I personally don't find the Abrahamic religions relevant, but this does not mean that they hold no relevance for others, some might draw great satisfaction and comfort from some aspects of the Abrahamic belief system ...Good on them for doing so.... But they ( the Abrahamic religions) are just not my cup of tea...I can do without them...

    Perhaps it's all down to one's conditioning ...who knows...