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  • The Sixth Sense

    Well I went for a swim this morning before getting ready for work, and as I was floating on my back, the mind started to recall the thread I posted the other day on the close shave a surfer had with a great white shark, it was captured by drone...Anyhow as I was wading out of the water a Manta ray swam across my path, it was between me and the shore...I must admit I was a bit surprised (I nearly stepped on it)....

    What was weird was, how the shark thing popped into the mind whilst floating on my back, prior to the Manta ray's encounter...It was as if the mind was preparing me for some sort of up close sea creature encounter...

    Every now and again I have these sort of six sense premonitions....

    The Mind is the root from which all things grow!

    Well I'm just off to work ....

  • Re: Creating my Own Refuge Ceremony

    Different strokes for different folks @Hozan , all paths 'eventually' lead to Rome...

    Taking refuge in the three jewels means commitment to the path ie, staying on track

    However Tis the mind itself that leads the mind astray so be mindful of the mind every moment of the day!

    Online Dharma teachers/teachings are helpful tools ....

  • RIP Chuck Berry

    R I P Chuck Berry

  • Re: Buddha's Love

    @eggsavior said:
    As much as Buddhism has helped me there is something I've noticed that bugs me. The contexts surrounding his love and compassion are always universal. While this is great sentiment I sometimes wish for something more personal. I am attracted to how Jesus is depicted in a personal fashion. I feel like people can communicate to him and feel his love one-on-one so to speak. But the Buddha feels more distant. Maybe this is because I am a Westerner. And I have barely scraped the surface with my own learning and practice.

    Are there any sutras or texts pertaining to connecting with Buddha as an individual? I guess I am having issues taking refuge in him particularly. I understand the dharma and sangha

    On a personal level I see taking refuge in the three Jewels as follows....

    Refuge in the Buddha (an awakened mind)
    Refuge in the Dharma (the true nature of things)
    Refuge in the Sangha ( like-minded people)

    In a sense one is not taking refuge in a person called the Buddha, (someone separate from themselves) one is taking refuge in one's own awakened mind...

    The Buddha will feel more distant, the further one is away from the truth ie, the "Dharma", once one familiarises themselves with the Dharma one will find The Buddha is always close by :)

  • Re: Death Clock

    Death Clock = Heartbeats