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karasti · Breathing · Veteran


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  • Re: Journal

    I mostly do actual writing when I run into blocks and need to work through them. Like my irrational fear of having to drive to pick up my college son because I hate driving in the dark in the winter, especially when it's snowing. So I "talk" through it on my own as I've found sharing almost always causes people to want to help and I don't want advice, I need to work through it myself. But I mostly do that in a secret blog because the thoughts come too fast to write it by hand.

    My bullet journal, for me, is mostly a planner. It's 90% stuff I need to keep track of/remember/plan for and then some things like habits I am working to change and my moods. It's just more fun to me this way than to keep a boring calendar that I never remember to use, :lol: I have a lot of time to kill though. I am by myself 7-8 glorious hours a day. Also, at 42, I am awful at planning anything. As in, I plan nothing. I have no retirement plans, no savings plan, no plans for anything. Tired of flying by the seat of my/our pants, I have picked some short and long term goals for the family and trying to learn how to plan for them .My life was too unstable for a long time to think and plan long term. It's time.

  • Re: Video games

    Indeed, it helps me too. I tried to like regular diaries as a young girl, but they weren't my thing. My boys had journals that were called "Wreck this journal" where you fingerpaint with mud and such, and that was definitely more along my lines. I would have loved that as a kid!

    I've had so many blocks creatively because I'm always comparing to others and thinking I'm just awful at it. So I try to duplicate what they do and fail miserably. It's only very recently I've learned creativity comes in so many forms and it's only about making it mine and not comparing to others. I got involved in it more from the planning aspect initially because I found keeping track of so much in my head, I miss out on a lot of smaller things. Appointments, kids schedules, our sons dozen of diabetes prescriptions etc all in my head. So when something would come up, like a play or a community class, I'd totally space it because I didn't have a way to write it down/plan for it/remember it because my brain is full of other stuff to remember, LOL. But it's grown and become so much more.

  • Re: Journal

    Yes yes yes! I love the "bullet journal" so much. I actually stumbled into it quite by accident and had never seen or heard of such a method until the past month or so. I love journaling but I was always running into issues with feeling I needed the "right" journal for the job, so always had too many and couldn't keep up. I'd have one for writing, a planner for calendar/appointments, another thing for tracking finances, etc. I love putting it all into one place and making it whatever works for you. I track my habits I'm trying to change, home chores, our son's diabetes supplies and needs, finances,big and small goals, writing, etc. I had a bit of overwhelm getting started until I let go of the idea of a right way to do it. I connect with my life much better when I actually write it down rather than online. It's still pretty new to me but enjoying it. Having visual representations is such a big help to me in truly seeing the whole picture better. I, too, use a fountain pen. Love my special pens, :lol:

  • Re: Buddha TV series on Netflix

    I have watched the first bit of the Buddha (non animated one) series. Initially i thought it was a bit...extravagant, but I'm sure that's just aspect of the culture that is so different. I've quite enjoyed the story though the king kind of looks like a porn star ;) It kept my attention well so I will continue to watch.

  • Re: The sense of touch and meditation

    I spend quite a bit of time in sensory exploration, and always have. Tactile is probably strongest for me, I have a lot of memories attached to touch, for example. It's just how I've always been. I take the kids on "sensory hikes" which encourages them to connect with the natural world. But I don't have a lot of problem letting go of sensory experiences in meditation. Maybe because I spend a lot of time focusing on and exploring them it's easier to somehow draw a line. My oldest son has Asperger's/HF autism, and his sensory experience is off the charts. He's had to learn a lot of ways to mitigate that experience so he can function in the world. But it also allows him to experience things in ways most people do not.