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  • Re: Low Carb High Fat...

    Keto is LCHF. LCHF may or may not be keto. I do not strictly follow keto but happen to usually be in ketosis when I bother to check. I eat more like 50g of carbs while most keto people stick to 20-30g. 30g is the number normally thrown around that keeps a person in ketosis which will have a faster fat burning effect. I imagine the threshhold varies by person. If it's really important to you to be in ketosis, you can get strips you pee on to check ;) Our son already has them as a diabetic, so once in a while I borrow one since he rarely uses them and they expire, :lol: If we didn't already have them though I wouldn't buy them. I find that being over anal about what I'm eating ruins eating for me.

    There are some things I don't want to give up forever so I'll take slower weight loss over not giving up some fruit and yogurt. Basically someone in keto avoids carb foods entirely. Because when you eat meat, eggs, cheese etc there is always a small amount of carb. So even what appears to be a carb free meal, might have 5-8g of carbs no matter what you do. So they stick to residual carbs from those foods and things like leafy greens and avoid everything else. For my own needs, I don't think giving up fruit or yogurt is going to make me healthier. My body seems to need a bit of both, so I go with what my body needs as long as the choice is a healthy one. I don't go around eating a whole pineapple or anything, lol.

  • Re: Is Chattering a good thing?

    If I am buying avocados, I don't really need to be put at ease, personally. Living in a small town, sometimes the amount of small talk is very disruptive to everyone else. On the one hand, it's nice to have so much community where neighbors all know each other. On the other hand, they stop traffic to chat with each other, they hold up the lines at the store for several minutes talking about so and so's most recent illness etc. Just smile and ring up my avocados that's all I need, lol. If they were genuinely asking how someone was, then maybe that would be one thing. But here at least it is not a case of an art taking place, it is a case of filling silence because they think silence is awkward.

    I'm generally not in a hurry, so it doesn't bother me much - the actual holding up of lines etc. It's the bigger idea that so many people have no idea how what they are doing impacts other people. Nor do they seem to care. Like I said, it's just my own preference to keep my verbal engagement to a more meaningful level, so it feels incredibly fakey to me when everyone and their uncle wants to talk. If you don't actually care how I am, then don't ask. I can read people like books, and it's exhausting to do so. I'm learning better how to shut it out but most people are incredibly fakey and detached and it's bothersome to me. I can walk by a person and tell them how they are really feeling, so when they try to pretend they are feeling otherwise, it drives me crazy. I prefer people to be real. But I know most of the world doesn't work that way, so I live with it. To me, small talk IS chatter, because the entire purpose is to fill the silence. At least here.

  • Re: Talking of Right Speech ...

    I don't think that practicing right speech is about pleasing anyone else. I think it has more to do with making ourselves think about what we say and how we say it so that what we are saying is appropriately heard by the receiver. That doesn't mean they will like it, or that we should sugar coat or water anything down. But if you look at the whole of right speech, including not engaging in idle chatter, then when we do speak, what we say should be important. And it should be important enough for us to take the time to form it properly so that our intention is received as appropriately as possible. If we took as much time to think about what we say when we speak as when we write an important paper, then what we are trying to say would come across better. Not with the intention of watering anything down but to encourage listening by the other person and thereby increasing the chances of understanding occurring.

    I think most of the time we just like to talk so much that the idea of stopping to think through exactly what we want to say is exhausting. But if we did so, the rest of right speech would easily fall in line because we'd be lot more careful about what we were saying if it took so much work, lol. If we think not participating in abusive or divisive speech is watering down then maybe we need to think about whether we truly need to say what we are going to say. I'm not talking about you @DhammaDragon as I have no idea what your intentions are or what specifically you meant. Just thoughts that came to mind when I read your comment.

  • Re: Low Carb High Fat...

    cholesterol is made by the body and is minimally impacted by consuming cholesterol. It is actually made in excess by the body in reaction to a high carb/high sugar diet. It is kind of like the tar they use to fill potholes. Sugar damages your vascular system, and your body creates cholesterol, in part, to repair that damage. So it goes along patching the damage. But just like the potholes, it is not as good as the original and over time it causes issues that contribute to clogged arteries.

    One of the big problems is that western diets manage the fat/carb combination horribly. Not only do we eat too many carbs and way too much refined sugar, but we also eat bad fats. it's an awful combination. The body cannot easily deal with both. Too many carbs means they get stored as fat and because the body isn't trained to use fat as energy, that gets stored, too. It's a double whammy. When you remove carbs from the equation (largely) the body much better deals with saturated fats. Just make sure your diet stays balanced and you eat a lot of healthy fats - plant oils, avocados, grass fed dairy if you can find and afford it, etc. Don't eat too much processed meat. It is very strange initially to eat all the stuff we've been told so long is bad for us. But it's not true. The study that that was all based on was no good, almost as bad as the autism study that faked results to make people believe vaccines cause autism. We've been lied to the entire time. It really is all about insulin and how it works in the body under optimal conditions versus under our current western diet. It has a huge impact on how our body deals with fat.

    This reviews 23 different studies and provides the results. You can see yourself the response the blood work had in most of these cases (some did not measure the same things so it's not as apparent)

  • Re: Sharing place for Tea nerds :D

    I probably have 40 types of tea, lol. I prefer herbal but I drink black, green, white and others as well. I make my own when I can from plants that grow here, like wintergreen mint and raspberry leaf and chamomile and lavender! Lavender is one of my favorite, paired with a small amount of locally harvested raw lavender honey. Perfection. Tulsi Rose is also a favorite. I have recently discovered (thanks to a sample pack gift) pureh tea, love that. Now I feel like a cup of tea though I ate a huge breakfast and am quite full, lol.