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  • Re: The Handmaid's Tale - No Spoilers

    @person said:

    @federica said:
    Why disturb yourself with such horror, when everything REALLY happening in the world right now is enough to even make Stephen King feel uneasy??

    You got me to ask myself the question, why DO I like it? I am disturbed by it, but maybe more in a good way.

    Some fiction is pure escapism, some fiction, like THT, are close enough to a possible reality that I think they're able to touch our fears or hopes about reality and allow us to experience them in a safe space, because ultimately it isn't actually real.

    To me this seems like art that is trying to disturb us, not for titillation, but to send a message of the potential dangers of certain fundamentalist worldviews

    You can use any experience to attain insight and to practice. For example, practicing mindfulness of your fears whilst watching this show could be helpful for practicing mindfulness when real life fears come up. Really, the Buddhist practice is much less about what we experience and much more about how we experience.

  • Re: Soon to begin a six month solitary retreat

    Thank you everyone. I am good at adapting now. In my early days I was very rigid and very firm, and, consequentially, very hard on myself when I 'failed'. I have the six months no matter what. I can do two months and then take a week off - or whatever I feel. I just don't want fears, delusions and desires to get in the way of a rare opportunity. I'd like to make the most of the six months. I don't fear going mad. I've wished for this for years, and silence and solitude has always come very naturally to me. I'll be at home, for sure.

  • Re: Moral quandry ... or not?

    Your conscience is going to make you feel very uncomfortable at times, but it will also save your ass so many times and to such a profound degree that it is always, always, always worth following, even if the rational mind has other thoughts. Your conscience is piqued, don't bother to assess whether it is right or wrong, just trust it and follow it and make it a stronger presence in your life. Really. Make your conscience your God.

  • Soon to begin a six month solitary retreat

    I've been blessed with a set of circumstances that means I can, more or less, be in solitude retreat for six months. I've done silent retreats for a week or so a few times in the past where circumstances have allowed, but obviously this is something else. Any advice or guidance that anyone can offer as I prepare? It will begin at the start of October. Thanks.

  • Re: How do you go on in such a depressing world?

    I see it as a game. There was once a time in the early days of the universe when no life existed, and, so, no love. Now there is life and love in the universe. The game, to me, is simply to bring more love into existence. This world challenges our capacity to love, but in that challenge is the catalyst for a deeper and more expansive understanding of what love is. I'm not saying that this is the reason for our existence, nor making any bigger metaphysical claims, but that simple focus of learning how to bring more love into existence imbues every moment, no matter what it entails, good or bad, with meaning and hope and purpose. It covers all bases... from the most beautiful to the most hellish. There is no moment where more love is not appropriate. The game is the game. It is what it is. All we can do is make the best of it.