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  • Re: Keeping track of practice

    I like this idea and this website!I have no money but I'm sure it could still help. Whatever works!

  • Re: Solitary Confinement

    @Hozan said:
    "There is no such thing as not suitable". Emm Yes there is.

    "You just argue the point". Maybe a buddhist forum is not the best place for arguing a point to prove a point. Thats not what buddhism is about.

    "Maybe you have a point. I really don't know". Sorry @mindatrisk but have you any idea how patronising and arrogant this sounds.

    "Then all you can do is dig a hole". I think you are digging a hole @mindatrisk . Perhaps look up and see if it has gotten too deep.

    Maybe put the shovel down.?
    Much Metta

    For whatever offence I have caused you, I am truly sorry.

  • Re: Lost and reaching out

    I lived near to the NKT Madhyamaka Centre in York, UK. At the time I worked with recovering drug addicts, and thought it would be really beneficial to take those in recovery for week long 'working visits' (where you work at the centre in return for your keep and access to all meditation classes). The head administrative nun there agreed to let me bring small groups there, and I did so for about 2-3 years. The results were remarkable. Some addicts got sober and stayed sober. Some had actual spiritual awakenings. They all loved their time there. Keep in mind that many of the addicts I brought were criminals, including some who had been convicted of some pretty nasty things. This was not a problem for the centre, and although the behaviour of some of the people I brought was at times a little bit rough around the edges, and difficult and embarrassing for me, the whole centre was very supportive and understanding.

    At some point during these trips I became aware of the whole scandal thing, and I too googled it, and it did make me think about whether it was right to take groups there. However, my conclusion was that my direct experience was so positive that it would be a bit ridiculous to let others opinions and experiences of other areas of the NKT upset that. You know, there are people out there in the world talking shit about you, and me, and most people on these forums. When Jesus was alive, people spoke shit about him. People will be speaking shit about Buddha right now somewhere. And some of that shit will be perceived as justified because certain behaviours of all of ours will be regarded as wrong... and sometimes, of course, we are wrong in our behaviour. But it would be upsetting if all our friends and family turned against us based on what others regard us as being.

    You have your own direct experience, and it seems to be positive. If that direct experience becomes less positive then I think it is worthwhile asking questions. I spent three years around the NKT and I have nothing but positive things to say about my own direct experience. Also, keep in mind that many people who end up at Buddhist centres are vulnerable, and when they don't get what they want, can turn a little bat shit crazy, especially when there is already some buzz to latch onto. You have your own mind and your own experience. Trust yourself to work this out for yourself.

  • Re: Solitary Confinement

    @federica said:
    Franche-Comté, North East, Haute Saône. Quite an off-the-track area for tourism, more of a passing through region, than a stop-and-stay one.... Very influenced, cuisine-wise, by the previously-German Alsace-Lorraine region.

    I once played the part of a Fortune teller at my daughters' School fund-raising fair one summer. I used 9-star Chi and the baGua to find people's Birth Numbers and thereby tell them their fortune. I remember telling one guy he had an affinity with wood, and that if he could he should find himself a favourite tree and just go there now and again. To my astonishment, he then told me he worked for the Local Authority as a Park Keeper and attendant, and that at lunchtimes, whatever the weather, he would go to a particular tree and always sit under it or shelter from the weather and eat his lunch there, under its boughs. he claimed he always felt better, invigorated and ready to face whatever the afternoon brought.

    Weird, yeah, from our limited perspective, but I'm sure there is so, so, so much more to reality than we have even a modicum of awareness of, and it's kind of fascinating to ponder on why, karmically, someone would have an affinity with wood... many lives as a tree?! I have a numerology reading with my birth number plus many other numbers attributed to different aspects of my life. One of the numbers said that after the age of 35 I'd experience significant spiritual growth, and, well, here I am having just turned 35 alone in Spain for six months, kind of doing a retreat. There's something in those things, for sure, but explaining the hows and whys of it all is beyond me. Just another peak into the awe inspiring mysteries of existence.

  • Re: Solitary Confinement

    @Hozan said:
    You seem to have a lot of free time @mindatrisk . Maybe you have fallen into the trap of over thinking, over philosophising? Just be. You seem determined to make some kind of a point. Maybe you are striving too hard?
    All maybes. Only you know the answer to that of course .
    Best wishes.

    Well, it's evening time here and it's this or watch a movie! I wish I did think more, and I definitely wish I philosophised more, but this is the first time in a long time that I've engaged in a discussion like this, and I feel better for it... like my brain has done a bit of heavy lifting. Plus it's enjoyable, and so long as I'm enjoying something then not too much cause for concern.