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  • Re: Soon to begin a six month solitary retreat

    @Nirvana said:
    If I could be in your shoes I'd be sure to have along plenty of exclusively nonfiction books/ebooks and bar all movies, television, and internet while in "isolation" periods.

    But I'd have no idea of what to do when my mind started wandering. Assuming you'll have some planned reading regimen, what else will you do, besides meditation, to keep the mind active and away from sleep? Are you still young? Please fill us in.

    When my mind starts to wander I will bring it back to the breath! I really hope to limit distractions. I've done small periods of silence and solitude before sans films / music / books etc. I'd like to extend that as much as possible. I will probably create a daily routine - I think this will be helpful. It could include some exercise, some walking, some chores, maybe some writing, as well as meditation, reflection etc. However, it is likely to change throughout the six month period. I am 35. It's the oldest I've ever been.

  • Re: The Handmaid's Tale - No Spoilers

    @person said:

    @federica said:
    Why disturb yourself with such horror, when everything REALLY happening in the world right now is enough to even make Stephen King feel uneasy??

    You got me to ask myself the question, why DO I like it? I am disturbed by it, but maybe more in a good way.

    Some fiction is pure escapism, some fiction, like THT, are close enough to a possible reality that I think they're able to touch our fears or hopes about reality and allow us to experience them in a safe space, because ultimately it isn't actually real.

    To me this seems like art that is trying to disturb us, not for titillation, but to send a message of the potential dangers of certain fundamentalist worldviews

    You can use any experience to attain insight and to practice. For example, practicing mindfulness of your fears whilst watching this show could be helpful for practicing mindfulness when real life fears come up. Really, the Buddhist practice is much less about what we experience and much more about how we experience.

  • Re: So demanding?

    I think renunciation is all relative. Milarepa giving up clothing is like someone now giving up their smart phone. It'll all happen naturally. These things fall away... not through a particular effort, but their own redundancy in your life as a tool for happiness. I mean, you didn't renounce your Action Man figures in childhood, right? You just out-grew. Keep the focus on your practice and you'll out grow the rest of your toys too.

  • Re: Soon to begin a six month solitary retreat

    @federica said:
    Solitary confinement is used as a punishment in gaols and long-term High-security prisons.
    A self-imposed confinement may be beneficial to you, in many ways (as it's out of personal choice) but that will not eliminate any possible negative side-effects you are neither expecting, nor have planned for.

    ManKind is a gregarious animal. It gathers in groups (this is why we have over-populated cities and wide expanses of uninhabited countryside, right?) so a self-imposed separation is all very well, in many ways.
    In other ways it CAN drive you potty.

    Be prepared for such situations.

    Yeah good points. I always envied people in solitary confinement and wondered if unwittingly any spiritual development occurred. I feel as ready as I can be. I've built up to this for years and wished for it for longer, so just going to trust that it's the right time for me. I'm not stubborn, however, so more than happy to adapt and change and end if it feels right.

  • Re: Ken Wilber on egolessness

    There are a lot of teachers who've built their own pedestals who then find themselves severely lacking and so build teachings around how that lacking is actually 'spiritual'.