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  • Re: Are we living in a computer simulation?

    @Mingle said:
    I hope so. How would I delete Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber?

    There is no Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber. =)

  • Are we living in a computer simulation?

    This is so mind-blowing I can't even give a gist. Please do read it fully. It's very interesting and likely true.

  • Re: Karma and video games

    Video games are the future of humanity. Just a few decades ago, we used to have very basic games - laughable by today's standards. Now we even have virtual reality. Soon we may have games which are almost as real as this world. Holograms can help us do that. Which means we'll have the power the create any world as we please, with any rule/no rules. In short, we'd have the freedom to do what we want because we'll no longer be restricted by the world we live in.

  • Re: Does karma ALWAYS happen

    @paulyso said:
    sorry lobster and damma dragon,my spelling is horrible,i am happy the moderator have been kind to overlook it. my browser is limited.cant produce capitals,paragraphs,or what not.

    I think this best explains karma. ;)

  • Re: Is Chattering a good thing?

    @nirvana7stotram said:
    First you need to understand what is mind.
    A mind is an accumulation of data that you have stored consciously or unconsciously. You like it or not all will be there. It's like a recycle bin. It is an important thing. Cuz if you don't have a in at home your home will become a garbage bag. You can never think anything new with your mind. All you do is take all the stored items from your mind. It's only good for survival.

    What is survival
    Survival mode is what most people are on. All you see around you is pure survival. For this mode the nature has provided you five sense organs. All your mind cares about is survival. You need to really understand this. You have to go beyond your five senses. Not enhance it now. It will happen soon as the result of mediation.

    Mind chattering -

    Why is mind constantly thinking. Have you wondered why. Ask yourself. Ask your mind.
    If You try to shut it down. It's doesn't work that way. Your mind is capable of unbelievable hallucination things. It will take you to a point where Buddha himself will come to you and talk to you, walk with you. That's why you need to understand your mind.

    Understanding the mind.

    When we say mind. There is two different types of mind. One is your immediate mind which is your brain. And one is a mind body.

    Mind body -
    In Sanskrit we call it manas. It the information and memory stored in every single cell in your body. You may have forgotten how your fire fathers look like but their nose is sitting right on your face. The Manas is also responsible for auto heart pump reproduction of new cells and DNA. To get enlightened there is a work to delete all the strands that is attached to manas as well to a certain degree. Deleting the ancestral karma was a big time challenge for me.

    so remember when the mind chatters. Just tell yourself. It's just being stupid. And let it play but don't give importance to the thought. Once you do. Boom you are lost. just keep reminding yourself that you are not the body and not the mind. And willing to know thyself. If you know any chant. Keep repeating the chanting. Like AUMMMMMMMM OR OMMM. AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA or AUM MANI PADME HUM. OR ALL THE ABOVE. Some deities mantras can help but let's not go there. At least for now.

    Thanks for an amazing post. =)

    The problem for most of us is that we 'catch' ourselves chattering only AFTER it has happened. Which sort of makes it pointless, not to mention frustrating. Not having to chatter at all is very different from chattering first and then trying to control it after the fact.