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What are your personal Hobbies in life? (Besides meditation and study etc)

What do Enjoy doing in your free time?

Or if you dont have the time, what do you try to make time for????

What would you like to do more of??



  • riverflowriverflow Veteran
    edited May 2013

    Writing in my journal

    Writing haiku and sometimes poetry (and haiku is actually quite a complex poetic form!)

    Playing the shakuhachi

    Other things:

    Spending time with my girlfriend online (and we sometimes watch documentaries or lectures online together)

    Listen to a variety of music - so-called "early music" (medieval, Renaissance and baroque - preferably all HIP recordings), classical, avant garde (Cage, Feldman, et al), jazz (mainly 50s-60s), 60s 70s 80s rock, punk, post-rock, ambient, some electronica, a little folk music, and various music from around the world -- too much.

    Workout doing weights and cardio

    Reading poetry

    Watch a movie on my computer (rarely - often foreign or independent films which I generally find more interesting)

    Playing the acoustic guitar and singing (less rarely these days)

    Drinks lots of hot tea!

    I used to writing and record my own music (rock and also ambient experimental stuff) but I no longer have the energy or enthusiasm to do the hard work!

    Spending too much time on this bloody laptop! (I've made great improvements but have a way to go yet)

    TO ADD:

    I'd love to lean Qigong. I've done a bit of it in the past (with videos)
  • BhanteLuckyBhanteLucky Monk since 2014 A Forest Monastery Veteran
    Doctor Who.
  • karasti said:

    Legos (usually with the kids but not always!)

    Yay legos!!!
  • Motocross, trying to learn how to golf, family time.
  • robotrobot Veteran
    My sailboat. The fishboat could qualify as a hobby as well considering how much of what should be my free time goes into it. I'm interested in all kinds of boats. Motorcycling.
  • zenmystezenmyste Veteran
    riverflow said:


    Writing in my journal

    Writing haiku and sometimes poetry (and haiku is actually quite a complex poetic :

    Cool. I love journals.. How long have you kept a journal for? And do you date your entries (like a diary) ?

  • I've kept one off and on for many years, but I've only maintained some consistency over the past two or three years. I don't bother dating my entries anymore though. Usually the entries are short and about something that occurred to me. Very rarely is there any biographical information in them.

    I often will use a journal as a way of trying to gain some clarity on something--if I haven't formulated clearly to myself, then I don't feel I have properly understood it for myself. so its kind of a mental discipline for me. I used to write for the end result, of having written something. Now it is more about the act of writing and thinking and the what is finally written is a by product of that.

    Unfortunately I have gotten into the bad habit of using the laptop instead of handwriting it. I try to copy it into a journal book, but Ive resigned myself to just printing out what I've written periodically and stick it in a three ring binder. Using a word processor helps me juggle things around a bit, otherwise my journal would be a mess of scribbles-- and that is just unacceptable for a neat freak like me! lol
  • TheEccentricTheEccentric South east, UK Veteran
    History, Acting/Drama, Chicken Keeping, Reading, Music (listening only), Chess occasionally (with my Brother even though he's really good at it and wipes the floor with me every time) and Being weird in general and trying to be myself.
  • Chess occasionally (with my Brother even though he's really good at it and wipes the floor with me every time)

    I'm the same -- I enjoy chess even though I'm not good at it. A few years ago though my best friend from high school came to visit and we played chess (he's very good) and I took his queen!!!!! I was so proud, and my best friend was shocked hahaha But then he got his queen back and he beat me anyway. Still there was only about three or four pieces left on the board. For once I gave him a good run for his money!
  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
    I played chess with a guy maybe over 50 games and never one once ha! I think I tied him maybe 2 or 3 times.
  • yildunyildun Explorer
    Active on RTTY
    any one else QRV?

  • 90% of my free time (ie not working or sleeping) is dedicated to dharma study, practice, meditation etc...
    other wise....

    writing haiku
    video games
    making videos
    making mala beads
    obsessing over changing the look of my shrine
    finding used dharma books on amazon
    obsessing over what tattoo to get next
    trying to figure out women (impossible task mind you)
    overall being a better person and follows the buddha's dharma to the best of my ability and always trying to improve on that

    and more...
    _/\_ *bow*
  • @Jeffrey chess is boss
  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
    Yes we need a buddhist jamboree!
  • DakiniDakini Veteran
    MUSIC! I can get very OCD about learning to play a new instrument. And about listening to music.
    Posting on NB, haha!
    Researching cool stuff/reading.
    Fede's post reminds me I need to get back into Qi Gung.
    Walking & gym
  • black_teablack_tea Explorer
    Steampunk, lolita fashion, doll collecting, reading reading and more reading. I play Irish music on the tenor banjo and flute, but with everything else that's been going on, I am admittedly out of practice. I'm also learning to sew (which really falls under steampunk). I'm a huge Doctor Who fan too. Basically I dress funny and do geeky things :D
  • seeker242seeker242 Zen Florida, USA Veteran
    edited May 2013
    I take the dog to the dog park and let him run around and hump the other dogs, and people occasionally. But he's really small so people don't really mind.
  • FlorianFlorian Veteran
    Great - lots of musos here!

    When not just sitting or wondering how to sell more records I waste my time as follows..

    Playing guitar/piano
    Mixing music
    Talking nonsense on NewBuddhist and elsewhere
    Writing about metaphysics and Buddhism in the hope of one day finishing something decent
    Trying to prove the twin primes conjecture
    Watching too much TV

    (I see there are a few video makers here. I'm looking for some cheap promo vids if anyone wants to do loads of work for almost nothing upfront. As if...)
  • carolanncarolann Explorer
    Well I ve 5 children ranging from 25 to 4 and 2 grandaughters 1 yr and the other 1 month old so that fills a small space in my life , then I have a little on line shop selling crocheted stuff which I make myself , I make clothes for me and the youngest 2 and if there's a little time in there I love to read .......
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