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Feeding Your Demons

Some of you may have read Tsultrim Allione's excellent book Feeding Your Demons. Here is a dharma talk in which she leads you through the practice of feeding a demon:

I have found this an excellent way of transforming the energy I've been wasting in fighting my painful feelings and thoughts into energy for enacting and embodying compassion.



  • This reminds me of the old Cherokee wisdom.

  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited October 2015

    Great fun. <3 Totally suitable for beginners. Very accessible and common sense video. Many thanks. Chod visualisation is an aquired taste, practice and specialised cuisine ... YUM!

    External chod is to wander in fearful places where there are deities and demons. Internal chod is to offer one's own body as food to the deities and demons. Ultimate chod is to realize the true nature of the mind and cut through the fine strand of hair of subtle ignorance. I am the yogi who has these three kinds of chod practice.

    For those too demon shy/lazy or bizzy bizzy to watch the hour long vid:

    • Tales and mythology at the beginning. Usual fantastic stuff.
    • Then the practice of visualising, questioning and feeding an obstacle (demon).
    • Becoming the demon (in your minds eye) Becoming the fed and befriended demon.
    • Contacting the ally if available. Mine was a white naga/dragon.
    • Dissolving and returning to normal thinking

    Next 'picnics in hell' ... or maybe feeding ducks ... Iz plan!

  • GlowGlow Veteran

    @pegembara Yes! I was reminded of that as well. Learning to confront both wolves instead of trying to pretend the Mara-laden one doesn't exist is the first step to true consciousness, I've found.

    @lobster Thank you for that excellent summary of the Chod practice. This is something that has had a profound impact on the way I view my practice, so I hope your post may entice a few people to look into it. :)

  • Feeding demons. Who can resist. As @Glow mentions this is a potentially very real and transformative practice. Imagine stir frying bits of your negative self, to feed demons. Holy sweet and sour ... crazy stuff ... <3

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