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i found I and myself

i found
I is the following list
1. seeing
2. hearing
3. feeling smell
4. feeling taste
5. feeling touch
6. remembering
7. thinking
8. talking/speaking
9. doing

once i found I then i could see me, mine and myself

if you (your I) know or see something other than the above list just let me know

if you find humor in these writing or you do not see any point in these writing please ignore this thread
let others who has something to add to the list to do so

you do not have to refer to any sutta/sutra
turn to your teacher's teaching or some famous teachers

just turn towards yourself and try to know and see



  • Have you become a phenomenologist? I sometimes think I'd like to be one, but I can't pronounce it. ;)

  • upekkaupekka Veteran
    edited December 2015

    @SpinyNorman said:
    a phenomenologist?

    how can i be a phenomenologist when i is a process all the time

    this i is constantly changing

    how can i pin down i to name i is 'anything' or 'anyone'?

    i is a process, not a thing or a person

  • upekkaupekka Veteran
    edited January 2016

    when there is anger, anger is i
    when there is jealous, jealous is i

    when there is anything that i know, that thing that i know is i

    five aggregates are i

    if i do not know this when these things arise i become 'I', 'my', 'myself' (nicca, dukka, atta)

    can you agree to the above
    if not


  • if the above post make no sense please explain

  • upekkaupekka Veteran
    edited January 2016

    bava netti sutta says 'everything' and 'all' are 'I' for 'puthajjana'


    everyone of us must try to get 'bava netti keena'

    bava netti sutta is in khanda vagga

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