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Samadhi and Jhanas meditation

BuddhadragonBuddhadragon Carpe DiemSamsara Veteran

I received this morning this quaint book called "Manual of a Mystic," (1916) translated from the Pali and Sinhalese by F.L. Woodward and T.W. Rhys-Davids.

The only descriptions of the book I have found surfing the net are:
"This is a 1916 translation of a rare 18th century palm-leaf manuscript written in both Sinhalese and Pali.
It is a manual of "Yoga practice," by which the translator means the practice of samadhi and the jhanas.
This book is not part of the Pali Canon, though there is some correspondence between the methods described here and those found in the Abhidhamma, the Visuddhimagga and other parts of the Pali Canon.
The PTS Pali edition is called: The Yogavacara's Manual."

And then:
"The Yogavacara's Manual of Indian Mysticism as Practiced by Buddhists" is the translation of a rare manuscript in both Pali and Sinhalese discovered in 1893 at Bamabara-walla Vihara in Sri Lanka.
It deals with a method of meditation leading to samadhi and jhanas that is not strictly canonical.
T.W. Rhys Davids, the editor, brought out the text originally in 1896.
His introduction discusses in some depth the correspondences and differences between the canonical practice of the jhanas and that found in this text."

Jhanas? Samadhi?
I thought this link could be helpful...



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