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  • Re: Contemplating on the body

    I think we generally like 'knowing'. Isn't it said somewhere that suffering is caused by not knowing the nature of how reality is?

    I think in tantra there is 'knowing' as a basic energy and it has varying levels of distortion or corruption or what have you. and within that there could be many attached versions of knowing.

  • Re: Query regarding Dharma Transmission

    The Heart Sutra says that the five skhandas are non-self...

    So is there something other than the five skhandas? I think if you say no that is a bit nihilistic. I think a lot of times it is said not to grasp at views of what there is...

  • Re: enlightened story

    In the mahayana enlightenment is great sukkha AND great dukkha. Liberation from nirvana too. And it's not a trick. You can't trick the dukkha to get the sukkha. It's not a game.
  • Re: Queries regarding calmness in meditation

    Maybe more calmness comes from relaxing from looking for answers? So just sit and say can I just sit here? Can I do that without knowing answers?

    Which is not to say to just be a potato with no mind but just to relax and be present and see if you can do that?

    Or you can experiment with that like a muscle. Tense trying to find answers. What am I supposed to be doing? What did this mean? Etc..

    And then relax.

    Play with that like your longing for answers is like a game that you take up and then relax. And then come back to the contemplation. And then relax. It could be very much an experiment.

    Edit: and I would add that for some people who just like to sit and do nothing for them it is pushing themselves to question something so not become too dulled out. For myself that can happen where I am just internalized thinking "ok I'm meditating... how much time left?" so that can be important for me to remember to notice things about my experience or thoughts or whatever and not just sit there.

  • Re: Queries regarding calmness in meditation

    This quotation doesn't directly comment on Zazen form of meditation. Nonetheless:

    The purpose of meditation is to see the peaceful, compassionate, pure, and already free nature of mind. But please remember that at the same time, meditation does not come with any hope or expectation.

    ~ Phakchok Rinpoche