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  • Re: Claiming enlightenment

    I've also read that some people with some degree of enlightenment, whatever that means, do have off days. Just matter of fact. That is a separate issue from if you should claim enlightenment or boddhisattva or whatever. What I am saying is that even pretty enlightened people can have off days or weeks or moments or what have you.

  • Re: Languages graphic thought interesting

    Yes that helps. It says in your link that Pali is an Indo-aryan language so it is in one of the branches on the graphic but just it is not shown in the chart. Latin isn't shown in the chart either.

  • Re: Sentience & Insentience

    Yeah karasti or you have a song that is so meaningful in a moment and you want to share it with people. But the 'set up' for the song occurred over time for a person and another might not hear the same 'magic' that is so wonderful or profound or what have you.

  • Re: Karma and video games

    And good karma I imagine some games I play lately. Like some games you can negotiate with enemies rather than just all 'mowing down the grass' of enemies. And of course you know that your computer is not suffering or the ones and zeros in the computers architecture are not annoyed. Presumably.

    For role playing games I imagine that I am guiding the character and it is not me in the adventure. Because I am not the chosen one to save the world but my character in the game is!

    Edit: I'll add that video games are more fun when playful and with a 'light touch'. Awareness practice!

  • Re: Is everyone here an atheist?

    It depends. I don't posit a theory of a deity. But I don't posit the non-existence either.

    On the other hand I don't believe political elections are predetermined and that the rapture is coming so I guess I don't have those thoughts in common and so forth.

    I also don't posit a theory of a mind that requires a deity. I'm not sure what the mind is but you can say you see things from your unconscious too or from the corner of your eye.