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  • Re: Retreat of One

    I've been thinking about that myself. Is your idea to do your retreat at home? That would be to distracting for me. I was leaning towards stuffing a backpack with a few simple meals, a tent and some tea. Head into the North Maine woods for 3 or 4 days. No internet of phone available up there. Bring a printed copy of a sutra or two...

  • Re: 50 questions to ask your kids instead of “How was your day?”

    A lot of those questions get asked at the dinner table in my house every evening. My wife and I probably try harder than most parents do to stay involved in the goings on in their teenage children's lives. Some of the answers over the years have been priceless.

  • Re: Spiritual livelihood in the western world

    I would recommend to anyone considering making a career change into a healthcare related profession to do some volunteer work at a nursing home or with a hospice organization first. My wife has worked in healthcare for as long as I have known her, frequently dealing with patients at the end of their life. The emotional drain is incredible to say the least. You have to show up every day with the ability to do your job well. My wife has seen many people leave leave healthcare to preserve their own mental health and well being. I'm not trying to discourage anyone. Just know what you are getting into. You can do a lot of harm to yourself and others if you can't commit 100%.

  • Re: What are intoxicants in buddhism?

    My wife and I went to a really nice restaurant last week. On the Maine coast, awesome food, great view of an estuary with lots of wildlife, and two couples seated near us were completely engrossed in their smartphones during the whole meal. They were totally not present for the dining experience and definitely not present for each other. I'm sure their Facebook friends knew what a great time they were having. I see this king of behavior everywhere.@Jeffrey, I'm sure that you're right about it being a better alternative than alcohol and drugs, but I'm not sure by how much.

  • Re: What are intoxicants in buddhism?

    I would venture to include smartphones/social media as an intoxicant also.