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Texas, USA
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Texas, USA
  • Re: Watching clouds drifting

    @silver said:
    I see the baby elephant in the last one. :)

    What do you see?

    Don't be fooled, @silver. That's a sky snail mimicking an elephant head. I've seen them do it before. Don't fall for it. :p

  • Re: Find who you were in your most recent past lives!

    "Before that, you lazed around as a panda for 1,016 days...."

    1016 / 365 = 2 years old

    Yup, that's definitely me. :p

  • Re: The truth of reality

    @DairyLama said:

    @Kerome said:
    Thanks for that, of course things like impermanence and annatta are important aspects of reality, and therefore ultimate truth.

    Really? IMO the closest thing we have to "objective truth" is science. The religious and spiritual stuff all seems very subjective to me, it's about how we experience stuff and the meaning we attach to it.

    Impermanence is an objective reality. At the micro level, science tells us, through emperical evidence, we're composed of atoms, all those conditionally held together. At the macro level, science tells us, through emperical evidence, the universe is expanding. The expansion is the residual force of a Big Bang. Before that force dissipates, the earth will have moved beyond the warmth of the sun, grown cold and dead. Eventually, the force of the cosmic blast will run out. Gravity will begin to pull the bodies back toward each other untill they collide and implode, perhaps restarting the cycle. The Buddha didn't hypothesize about atoms or cosmic explosions, but he did teach the underlying principal. Impermanence is subjective and objective reality. And from that both dukkha and anatta logically flow.

    Could you explain what you mean by "reality"? It's a can of worms really. Our human senses and intellect are quite limited, which means we can only ever experience a small subset of what is "out there". Perhaps we can talk in a general way about "human reality", but that would be different to "ant reality" or "space-alien reality" or whatever.

    I couldn't agree more. Funny you should bring up "ant reality". I've reflected on how they must experience the world. It occurred to me that if an ant could experience a human mind then return to the ant world, it would tell the other ants, "Stay away from those humans. It's not just the feet. Those ones are nuckin futs!"

  • Re: Changing meditations

    When watching TV, I'm mindful of my own posture while imagining the skeletons of the likenesses on the screen. It's one of those passive, mindless activities conducive to body contemplation. I have the first two season 7 discs of Game of Thrones from Netflix. I'm gonna go practice body contemplation now. :p

  • Re: 1984-Like "Seven Word Ban"

    I think Republicans just feel sorry for Democrats and their uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. So, while Democrats work hard at the state level to dismantle gerrymandered electoral maps, Republicans, out of sympathy, work doubly hard at the national level to ensure a Democratic landslide that no Electoral College or Supreme Court could withstand.